Dr. Karen Siegemund: Never Underestimate the Power of Evil

Just today, I saw a sweatshirt that said: “Never underestimate the power of a woman.”   Until recently, I had found those words inspiring.  As someone who has long fought for and benefitted from equal opportunities for women in areas where we were generally “underrepresented” – I was a math major in college and a scientist on Navy vessels during the 1980s for example –I’d believed there was value in being powerful and in rejecting a stance of victimhood.

What struck me today, however, was, just as any power can be used for either good or evil, so, too can “women’s power.”  Looking at this sweatshirt today, I was infuriated, because in my mind I found myself finishing the sentiment this way: “Never underestimate the power of a woman to destroy a good and decent man if it serves her agenda.”

The Kavanaugh Lynching has been a particularly heartbreaking battle in the war inflicted upon us by the Democrats, and one of the ugliest chapters in recent memory.  It’s not merely a war on Brett Kavanaugh, not even merely on Republicans or Trump, not even on the process of governance; it’s part of the Democrats’ war against women.

From the earliest moments of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s public hearings for Kavanaugh, women of various ages and numerous “feminist” organizations took part in absurd theatrical demonstrations and lunatic interruptions of the proceedings.

It was heart-wrenching, watching this man, his wife, his parents, his children, his colleagues, the nation and, indeed the world, witness the Leftists’ latest attempt to use gender as a weapon and rape as a political device.  The circus created by hysterical women attempting to debase the processes that are the very foundation of civic society was not merely an insult to America, the judge and his family but to women everywhere.

As these screaming women were dragged out of the courtroom, it was clear that these weren’t “empowered” women; they were women seeking the power to control the fate of through uncontrollable hysterical behavior.  Their childishness, emotionalism and hysteria could not have been better scripted by the world’s worst misogynist.

The tragic irony is that the very word “hysteria” comes from the word “hyster” (literally meaning “uterus”) and was originally seen as an attribute specific to women.  Seeing the hysteria acted out by these emotionally unstable women in the our august Senate chambers makes it hard to disagree.
Perhaps more disturbing than these antics in the Senate chamber is the sudden, last-second arrival of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Everything from the timing of her entrance onto the political stage to her inability to remember a single significant detail to the contradictions of her every claim by literally every single person she herself mentioned as a witness makes clear that her charges are false and made for no other reason than to use false accusations of sexual assault to destroy someone with whom she has political disagreements.

It’s not the first time women have done such things – and, in fact, it is a staple of the Democratic Party to whom nothing is sacred and nothing is beyond the pale in their quest for power.  And the use of women as pawns in their war against anything non-Leftist is one of the more craven characteristics of the Democrat Party.

We don’t know how this grotesque charade will play out. If the Democrats are successful in derailing this good and decent man using these tactics, the damage being inflicted won’t be only to Judge Kavanaugh or the Republicans but to women all over the world who must now be seen as suspect for when “women’s power” is used as part of the Democrats’ “scorched earth” policies, everyone loses.

There may be some good news to come out of this embarrassing chapter in women’s rights: The “high tech lynching” of the “uppity black man” Clarence Thomas had been an impetus of the awakening of a number of Democrats.  Two of those people became important political activists. One was Andrew Breitbart.  The other, SCRW&M’s own President Howard Hyde.  Hopefully the treatment of a good and decent person by those who debase themselves and debase women for their political ends will be similarly inspiring.

Dr. Karen Siegemund

Dr. Karen Siegemund founded the activist organization Rage Against the Media, in order to fight against the corrupt, dishonest and depraved media and to advocate for honest, objective reporting that a self-governing nation requires. A mother of two, an educator and a scientist, she has degrees in Applied Mathematics, International Relations and a doctorate in Education and American Culture. The common thread among these is the finding and disseminating the truth, and Rage Against the Media is committed to this same goal.

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