Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Her Father’s TV Show Talking About Life in the Trump White House

Other than President Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee possibly has one of the hardest jobs in America trying to offer a calming voice to an out-for-blood media. As a result she has withstood ridicule, threats, and even public attacks on her entire family–and yet she continues to stand tall, unshaken, with her head held high.

As a guest on her father’s TBN talk show ‘Huckabee’, Sarah faced a much more loving and compassionate crowd than she’s used to. Former Governor Mike Huckabee asked the questions all of us would like to ask her, including how she’s able to withstand the scrutiny and nonstop slings and arrows of the press without doing what we would probably do–falling into a puddle of uncontrollable tears…

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