Interview with Kevin Jackson For His Upcoming Pro-Police Movie, “Bleeding Blue”

Recently I had the honor of speaking with Fox News Contributor Kevin Jackson about his new movie and politics in general.

JB: Tell us abt this great movie called “bleeding blue” and why it will not make you popular with the mainstream media.

Kevin Jackson: It’s a great film first of all. It’s one of these things where conservatives lots of times launch into these things like Hollywood or the entertainment industry does and we do it crappy and nobody wants to see it. This is a very well made movie. If you didn’t know I made it you’d think it was Hollywood. The only reason why you would know it wasn’t Hollywood is it’s a pro-cop film.

It deals truthfully and honestly with policeman in America. It’s the brainchild of a very wealthy guy who helps fund these from time to time. He said, ‘Kevin I want to bridge the community between police and blacks; it’s horrible what’s going on.’ A philanthropist, a guy who wants to see people not being misled by the media.

The media would have you believe that cops get together and go shoot blacks for sport. And it’s ridiculous. Every time I’ve argued this point with Marc Lamont Hill and other race pimps, they name the same few black people that have been killed. They don’t tell you the context. Almost every one of these guys was a felon and was resisting arrest. That’s a good way to get killed no matter what color you are.

So Barack Obama put a target on the back of police and there’s hardly a week that goes by where some cop or more cops have been targeted and killed. These are the people that run towards bullet when we’re in harm’s way. We need them. And we need them not only in the general sense of the word, blacks in America need the law and order more than anybody else.

Cops are disproportionately in our neighborhoods so why aren’t we all dead? They’re there because of the level of crime. So we needed to tell this story. It’s a limited release open – go to the website, you can find out all about it. And I hope everybody buys a poster and puts it in a precinct – we call it “put a poster in a precinct”. Or give the cop a ticket. This is a program for us to leave tickets for the police to go and see the movie for free. Because it is absolutely amazing and I think it’s a must see.

JB: Where will it be showing?

Kevin Jackson: We’ve got a big opening in South Carolina on September 6th and then it’ll open on the 7th. We’ve got Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, AZ. We’ll have St. Louis as well and also Chicago and New York. It’s all on the website,

JB: It seems that the more the media plays up this idea that police are shooting black people, it makes it more dangerous for the police.

Kevin Jackson: It makes it more dangerous for everybody. It’s really dangerous for blacks because of crime rate in the black community. The truth is most blacks love the police, they know why they are there. But they (the media) want to demonize the police. But we’re having none of it.

This is the way leftism works. It always finds the wrong person to blame and it’s never the people who should be blamed. All these cities are run by leftists. Any police chief of a major city is going to be a Democrat, probably black, as well as the mayor. And it’s not police at fault when some civic leader calls for a crackdown on crime in a neighborhood. Well, who are they gonna call? Not one of these snowflakes on a college campus.

JB: It’s not going to be like Police Academy – Citizens on Patrol.

Kevin Jackson: (laughs) Right!

JB: It’s interesting that the media never covers the black on black violence like the one that resulted in multiple deaths in New Orleans a couple of years ago.

Kevin Jackson: It was in the French Quarter. It was over nothing but you don’t have to have a reason to kill people these days. People got killed. But you know what the problem is according to the left? Gun control. If those crazy guns would just stop jumping out of people’s pockets and shooting people we’d all be good.

JB: We’re about a year and a half into the Trump Administration. One of things he focused on in his campaign was going into the black community and basically saying “What the hell have you got to lose?” What effects are his policies having in the black community and is support for him increasing?

Kevin Jackson: Yes he is having an effect. You know Obama said, ‘What’s he gonna do, wave a magic wand?’ Yeah, Trump waved a magic wand in the black community. We’re going to be doing speeches on college campuses and we’re calling it the “Kanye Effect”. It’s not just about Kanye because many black conservatives supported Trump. But Kanye sort of brought it to life. After that Trump doubled his approval among the black community.

I believe Trump has had the most profound impact on blacks in modern history, bigger than Reagan. And it’s not being completely felt yet. Blacks love Donald Trump. Now that doesn’t mean there’s going to be this flip like 1936 when blacks had previously voted 96% for Republicans then started voting for Democrats to the tune of 76%. That was a huge flip. You’re not going to see that. But you’re going to see Donald Trump pull 30% of the black vote. And that’s way more than he needs to win in 2020. And it’s for a variety of reasons. One, Trump is real. He’s the billionaire–you forget he is a billionaire. And blacks love down to earth people.

They also don’t believe the hype. It’s been Armageddon on everything Trump is going to do. [They say] he hates black people yet one of the first things he does is have a summit with all the black colleges and universities. He appoints a black Marine Corp General. He got those black kids back who committed crimes in China. Black unemployment the lowest it’s been in the history of measuring unemployment. So yeah, he’s going to make an impact.

And I’m going to tell you it’s going to get far worse for the left. In 2020, who’s the sacrificial lamb? If it’s 2020 and the Democrats have recommended you as the person to run against Trump, don’t think of it as an honor, think of it as them getting you out of their way, cause you’re gonna get bulldozed.

JB: So you think Kanye’s support for Trump was a pivotal moment?

Kevin Jackson: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it was a big moment for some people. In the black community, Ice-T, another rapper, had already come out for Trump publicly. And a guy by the name of Little Wayne, they asked him about racism and he said, ‘I haven’t experienced it. White people have been very good to me.’ And so blacks are asking themselves, ‘Should we be monolithic, are we monolithic?’ And the short answer is ‘no.’ But the bigger question, John, is why do we even think like that? I don’t think there’s a white person I know that would say, ‘John, John, John, you’re not thinking like the white people John!’ Nobody would ever say, ‘John you’re a disgrace to the white race my friend.’

JB: What about Trump’s tough stance against illegal immigration?

Kevin Jackson: Illegal immigration is bad for everybody but it’s worse on blacks because those immigrants tend to live in poor neighborhoods. And unfortunately blacks are the poorest per capita. So they’re going to live in the neighborhoods near us. Which means they are going to take away the resources – the police resources, the medical resources, the educational resources. And they’re going to be in overcrowded schools and overcrowded communities, high violence and on and on.

JB: Another subject I wanted to ask you about was the media. It seems to me that they all repeat the same lines across multiple networks….

Kevin Jackson: It’s all written for them. Some agenda-setter on the left is setting the agenda. Here’s the talking points that every news outlet is going to use today. And they hit a button and all those things go out all across the nation. And they all say it the same way. If you think a news anchor is going into the job early, grabbing a newspaper or getting onto google news and looking at it and saying “Oh, this is an interesting story” you are completely out of your element. That’s already been done by a group of millennial, 30 somethings at best, who are putting together the news cycles. These snowflakes who need trigger warnings and cry closets are the ones putting that stuff together. And the TV anchors do nothing but read it. That’s it. And that’s the news cycles.

JB: And don’t forget the other meme they bring out whenever Trump does something: “People will die!”

Kevin Jackson: Oh yes, people will die! Or it’s going to be Armageddon. And it’s funny to listen to them because it never is. Here is the beautiful thing about the America we live in today. Trump has completely defanged the media, the DNC, the Obama myth. He has defanged all the things they hold near and dear and they hate us for it. Because we were smarter than the intelligentsia, those who believed they knew more. It was already baked in the recipe – what they were going to do once Hillary got elected. It was going to be more of the same. More fleecing of the taxpayer. And Donald Trump interrupted that and you did it, despite the polling they tried to make you believe. Despite all the propaganda that said Donald Trump couldn’t win. And we never fell for it. And that’s the beauty of this country. And I think quite frankly God’s absolute hand was on it – an impossibility that without the heavenly Father looking over it I don’t believe it would have happened.

JB: And finally, what is your prediction for the mid-terms?

Kevin Jackson: Republicans easily retain the House and we’ll crush them in the Senate. And what’s gonna happen when the House falls and the scandals start to go, you’ll start to see a lot of whistle blowers on the Democrats side. So look forward to that guys. Pop-corn and Coca-Cola.

JB: Tell us again where folks can find out about your wonderful movie?

Kevin Jackson: Movie is at, radio show is at, blog is at

JB: Thank you for your time.

Kevin Jackson: My pleasure.

The John Baldwin Show can be heard on Victory Radio Thursday evenings at 9 PM Eastern.

John Baldwin

John Baldwin is a native of Roanoke, Va located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW VA. He is a husband and father of three children. He has been a devout Christian since he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted the free gift of salvation in 1988. Politically John is a conservative who's political views were formed during the administration of Ronald Reagan. John's fulltime job is as an Applications Analyst (Software programming). John is also the host of two online radio shows on Victory Radio - "The Front Porch Gospel Music Show" and "Victory Talk Radio" (interview show). He is also an avid "oldies" music fan and is the DJ of the weekly "J-Bal Oldies Show” on the Doo Wop Cove.

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