Rep. Al Green & Friends, Give Up on Your Nonsensical Dreams of Impeachment!

On Tuesday, June 12, Congressman Al Green held the first completely eye-closed press conference in history. During the 17 minutes or so that he spent at the lectern speaking ominously about the “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed by President Trump, he did so with his eyes closed. Perhaps he didn’t want to see the flashes of the press cameras, but it is more likely because he was avoiding reality, dreaming, having a psychotic break, or otherwise hallucinating over things he wishes were so rather than things that are.

You see, Congressman Green, and his not clearly identified side-kick (first name Sherman), another leftist Congressman with whom he has partnered for this venture into the absurd, while claiming to have researched the constitution and federal laws for weeks or months, have come to the conclusion that the firing of James Comey – someone clearly, at this point, guilty of perjury – by President Trump can be elevated to the level of said “high crimes and misdemeanors” by calling it “obstruction of justice.” But obstruction of justice is when one commits an illegal act that results in justice being obstructed.

In the present case, the President is constitutionally designated as the ultimate manager of the Executive Branch of the United States Government. In that capacity, the President – any President – can fire any person in an appointed position at any time for any reason. Don’t think his performance is up to speed; fire him. Don’t think he works long enough hours or neglects to arrive for meetings on time; fire him. Don’t like his attitude: fire him. Don’t like his suits; fire him (well, maybe that one is a bit much). You get the point. Comey works at the pleasure of the President. His term in the position is set, but it is not guaranteed.

During the press conference, Congressman Green alluded to the firing as being motivated by personal fear of the Mueller investigation and anger over Comey going after General Flynn. However, there is not one statement, action, or witness that can look into the mind of another person and discern the validity of that allegation. It is purely speculative conjecture. He may believe it to be true, but he has not one shred of evidence to support it.

Meanwhile, the continuing effort of ill-advised Democrat leftists to undermine the Trump Presidency in every manner imaginable is doing more damage than good to our country and the ability of President Trump to do the job the American people elected him – legally, I might add – to do. For my money, given these efforts to obstruct him, he has been doing far better in 17 months than Barack Obama did in eight years.

There are two other reasons for one to call this lame effort on the part of House Democrats to conjure up an impeachment petition against President Trump.

  1. While a relatively small group of “never-Trump” Republicans exists in the House, they are not enough in number to swing a majority vote for impeachment in the House much less the required number of votes needed (285), and
  2. Even if such a vote could be pulled off in the House, getting enough votes to uphold such a lame impeachment in a Senate trial is, clearly laughable to the point of tears. Yes, laughable because to convict a President of a charge based on obstruction of justice, it cannot be done based on his acting well within his capacity as Chief Executive. It must be done using evidence that there was criminal intent. Without reading minds, that is currently impossible to do based on what we know today.

It is pretty clear to me that timing of the press conference was an exercise in diverting the main stream press away from the successes of the Singapore Summit while attempting to cast another shadow – imaginary at best – on a President that is getting things done that leftists don’t like.

It is also clear that Congressman Green has no intention of following through on his threat to file articles of impeachment because he knows he doesn’t have the vote now and will likely never have them.

Could it be that Congressman Green and his cohort are grand-standing (campaigning) on nothing more than an “anti-Trump” platform because they’ve got nothing else to justify their existence? I Think I’m on to something here.

Tom Stark

Tom Stark’s career began with Air Force service, including a year in Thailand and Vietnam, and progressed through a variety of manufacturing and service positions to Manager of Security, Safety, and Transportation for the Orange County (FL) Convention Center. He graduated from Barry University in 1994 and soon after embarked on a second career building custom furniture as an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He unsuccessfully ran as a Tea Party candidate in the 2010 Congressional race (WV-01). Tom currently writes and advocates for smaller more prudent and less intrusive government, strengthening families and protecting life while building free market principles that make America stronger. He is now 70, retired, and residing with his wife in Weston, West Virginia.

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