Prager University: What is Intersectionality (and Why We Should Care)

First you need to know how to spell it…then you need to be able to say it without stumbling. Once you have mastered those two, you will probably take longer to nail down any sort of understanding of what it is and how it works. Ben Shapiro does a fine job so he must have been at it for a while.

In a nutshell, intersectionality is all about the hierarchy of victimhood and where you find yourself in that structure. Once you have done the math and come up with just how many “intersecting” victim groups you identify with, then you can determine how important your thoughts are to the world at large.

In the leftist world, this hierarchy begins with the straight white mail on the bottom and piles the many victim groups on top of him. That way, his voice is usually insignificant or not heard at all. Only by suppressing someone else, the leftist believe, can your voice be heard. If you are a straight white male, get over it and accept that your thoughts mean nothing to the left. Sorry. You lose.

Tom Stark

Tom Stark’s career began with Air Force service, including a year in Thailand and Vietnam, and progressed through a variety of manufacturing and service positions to Manager of Security, Safety, and Transportation for the Orange County (FL) Convention Center. He graduated from Barry University in 1994 and soon after embarked on a second career building custom furniture as an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He unsuccessfully ran as a Tea Party candidate in the 2010 Congressional race (WV-01). Tom currently writes and advocates for smaller more prudent and less intrusive government, strengthening families and protecting life while building free market principles that make America stronger. He is now 70, retired, and residing with his wife in Weston, West Virginia.

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