Conversation With Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, and Author Josh Tolley

Josh Tolley is an entrepreneur, nationally syndicated talk radio show host, and author of several books. Tolley has been named one of the world’s Top 100 Business Trainers in the world and has a YouTube following  of nearly 27 Million. Tolley’s business workshops and seminars find him traveling all over the globe teaching “Small Business – Big Solutions,” and “Relationships 101.”  His main focus is encouraging people to improve their lives by becoming entrepreneurs instead of being in the prison of working 9-5 for a company. Tolley, a Christian who teaches business training seminars all around the world,  says rising employment rates actually translates into rising divorce rates.

JK: You lead a pretty fascinating life as an entrepreneur, radio show host, and successful businessman. How did you do it?

Josh Tolley: When you become an entrepreneur, you have to deal with the consequences of political action. When you are an entrepreneur, you have skin in the game. When politicians create policy – what they decide to do with highways, trade policies, taxes – all affects me as an entrepreneur. I need a smaller government. It’s amazing how many progressives, liberals, and Democrats become conservatives when they become entrepreneurs! The problem is that right now, the Republicans and Democratic sides are not pushing entrepreneurship. They are pushing jobs. Entrepreneurs are the creators of the economy, if you want the economy to grow large scale. We have a system that just producers employees. The reason it’s impossible is that inflation – if you can take a conservative number – you’ve hit 100%. Entrepreneurship keeps up with inflation. I can increase my price to $1.10. If I’m an employee, I can’t give myself a wage. And because of that, employment actually destroys an economy. Why is it that socialism walks behind mass employment and freedom is at the sphere of unemployment? They weren’t fighting for taxation without representation. If you look at what they were fighting for, it was entrepreneurship.

JK: Why are the Trump tax cuts not leading to a net tax decrease? 

Josh Tolley: Because we are employment based economy. What happened in NJ once the tax cut was implemented was that the property tax increased. Even Trump himself, the WH is proposing a $0.25 gas tax. If it’s an employee based economy, taxes will always go up.

JK: Is it hard to beome an entrepreneur?

Josh Tolley: No,I tell anyone, if you can be an employee you can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship – doesn’t mean if you are from Yale or jail. It is as easy as waking up and tying your shoes. There’s a YouTube video of me being out on the street – pretend you are homeless and we started four businesses. We just have to learn how. And that’s the part that shocks me. When you learn to drive a car, you spend months learning how to drive a car. Business…they have this idea that I got it. That’s crazy to me. My advice is find other people who teach entrepreneurship….train me how to do this…..

JK: Who do you most admire?

Josh Tolley: I have no clue to be honest! I admire the people who are trying…I don’t have an affinity for Richard Branson, but the ones who are working four jobs…I admire the people who have enough passion in their heart to swallow their pride!

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Jenny Kefauver

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