Ahead of Their Time: Small Texas Town Has Been Arming Teachers 11 Years!

I’m proud to say that Harrold, Texas is my mother’s hometown, and her former school has been armed and ready to protect students for the past 11 years.

In these days of violence, fear-mongering by Leftists, and out-of-control children, this Texas school has ensured that all the children in their care are safe.

God bless Texas–especially Harrold!

From ABC13.com:

One of the first school districts in Texas to allow teachers to carry guns hope more schools adopt the policy following President Trump’s recommendation.

Harrold Independent School District only has 114 students. Students here say they are able to receive more one-on-one help with their academics.

There is also another benefit these students described: the security.

The district has secure doors and cameras, but that’s not all. Their teachers are permitted to carry weapons on campus.

“I feel safe, most definitely,” student Elli Oustae said. “You feel more safe, and you can count on them.”

While President Donald Trump suggested certain teachers should carry guns last week, educators at Harrold ISD have had the policy in place for 11 years.

“I think more school districts should do it,” parent Amanda Litteken said. “It makes me feel like my kids are safe.”

While Harrold says it was the first, the Texas Association of School Boards says 13 percent of Texas districts arm faculty members. But 68 percent of districts don’t have police or school resource officers.

That’s a troubling statistic for Harrold ISD superintendent David Thweatt.

“You need to meet a force with an appropriate force, and you need to protect our children,” Thweatt said.

His district’s policy requires teachers to have a conceal permit, go through training, and carry the gun while at school.

Not everyone agrees with the strategy.

The Houston Federation of Teachers believes schools should hire security and do more drills, not put weapons in teachers’ hands.

Thweatt won’t say how many teachers are carrying guns, but that doesn’t matter to students, as long as their teachers can save their lives, if necessary.

Curious if teachers might be carrying weapons at your student’s school in the future? We spoke with a number of districts for their reaction to Trump’s proposal.

  • ALIEF ISD: Teachers with CHLs may have weapons in their car, per Texas law. No discussions underway to consider Trump’s proposal.
  • CLEAR CREEK ISD: Does not have a policy on arming teachers. No discussions underway to consider Trump’s proposal.
  • CY-FAIR ISD: Does not allow teachers to carry weapons on campus.
  • DEER PARK ISD: Does not allow teachers to carry weapons on campus.
  • DICKINSON ISD: No discussions underway to consider Trump’s proposal.
  • HOUSTON ISD: Does not allow teachers to carry weapons on campus.
  • KLEIN ISD: Does not allow teachers to carry weapons on campus.

Ann-Marie Murrell

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