“Love is Love”? Time to Add An “I” (for Incest) to the LGBTQ Banner

Steven and Katie are in love, and, as we have been indoctrinated to accept by our Social Justice betters over the past decade, “Love is Love” and we are not to judge. Steven and Katie’s romance followed the now common route of a marriage this past July followed by the birth of their firstborn child this past September. But then their love story took another turn. This January, Steven and Katie were arrested and jailed. And only because of their love.

So where is the ACLU? Where are the “Equality” advocates who we would expect to speak out against this puritanical overreach? It seems there is no one to demand justice for these two victims of “love”. Well, that’s because it’s kind of complicated. You see, Steven is Katie’s biological father, and, therefore, both the father and grandfather of their newborn child. This makes Steven and Katie practitioners of incest, one of the few truly remaining “loves” that dare not speak its name.

Note: This is in NO WAY a defense of incestuous relationships. It is only an attempt to show that the irrational and emotional excuses used by Progressives to argue that traditional marriage and societal standards for loving relationships are outdated and need to be altered and eradicated in order to institute gay marriage are equally applicable to incestuous marriage between two consenting adults. Once we have eliminated a Biblical standard, then literally anything is allowable.

That incestuous relationships between consenting adults is still considered indefensible is proof of Progressive hypocrisy and evidence of their inability to follow their own so-called rules and standards. Otherwise they would use the same arguments they did to rationalize and justify the institution of gay marriage such as:

  1. Incest has been practiced by every society throughout history from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to some modern day Arab and African nations. Royal dynasties have been built on the concept of literally “keeping it in the family.”
  2. There are celebrated cases even in recent times of famous incestuous marriages (between cousins) such as those of Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and even Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  3. The only reason incest is taboo is because it stems from marriage, which is itself just a social construct. Now that marriage has been redefined for our modern society as contingent only upon “love,” isn’t it time that incest be treated just as fairly and rationally as well?
  4. Incest was practiced in the Bible. Genesis 20:12 explains how the patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah were half-siblings with the same father. Furthermore, Genesis 19 describes the incestuous relationship between Abraham’s nephew, Lot, with his own two daughters.
  5. Incest is already celebrated in pop culture through such shows as the ratings powerhouse Game of Thrones where four main characters are engaged in two incestuous relationships.
  6. Incest is actually legal in the United States. Well, at least in the state of New Jersey
  7. There is a scientific sounding clinical term for people such as Steven and Katie who find themselves in an incestuous relationship: Genetic Sexual Attraction. This is “an overwhelming sexual attraction that may develop between close blood relatives who first meet as adults.” If it’s “overwhelming,” then who are we to judge?
  8. The one barrier cited universally against marriage between blood relatives is the supposed evidence of increased birth defects. But a study by the National Society of Genetic Counselors says that having a child with your first cousin raises the risk of a significant birth defect from about 3-to-4 percent to about 4-to-7 percent. According to the authors, that difference isn’t big enough to justify genetic testing of cousin couples, much less bans on cousin marriage.” In fact, there may actually be medical benefits to being the offspring of blood relatives. One study reports such children have much lower instances of asthma and diseases such as nephritis.

Despite the arguments in favor of gay marriage which are easily interchangeable with incestuous marriage, the latter arrangement has failed to failed to societal support for one sole reason: Natural sociobiological aversion, or, what is more commonly known as the “Ick Factor.” Just the thought of such relationships seem to produce an unconscious shudder and nauseating feeling of loathing in the overwhelming majority of society. But, so too, did other forms of nontraditional heterosexual relationships until fairly recent times. Perhaps Steven and Katie should label those opposed to their love as “intolerant” or “haters” or “Incesto-phobes” in order to help win their battle for equality.

One thing is certain, in the coming years, as society’s traditional foundations continue to be undermined and the barriers of taboo are removed, such relationships as Steven and Katie’s may very well become just as celebrated and legally “equal” as others. There is no longer an accepted standard of morality on which we as a nation base our views. In fact, probably the only thing holding back the acceptance of such “love” is that no politician is courting the Incest vote and no business is advertising to appeal to the incestuous couple’s purchasing power.

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