Gun Laws Cannot Make Kids Safe; Armed School Guards Will

We are teaching our children to fear guns.  We should be teaching our children to use them.

Today’s children duck and cover, hide in closets and under tables, cowering in fear when danger threatens.  They invoke social media to “send a message” of protest, to tweet and hashtag and post to “raise awareness.”  All feel-good politically dramatic actions that do absolutely nothing to prevent the next killer from killing.

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They run to the government, demanding someone else “do something”, trusting elite lawyers and politicians to care for them.  Already The Hill reports victims of the Parkland shooting vow not to return to school unless Congress passes “gun legislation”:

“This isn’t about politicians; this is about victims. We will not let those 17 people die in vain because, if nothing gets done, I am not going back to school, David Hogg will not be going back to school, Cameron Kasky will not be coming back to school, Emma Gonzalez will not be going back to school,” [Alex] Wind told The [Washington] Post, referring to other students who are members of the movement.

“How are we supposed to feel safe again? What if this happens again? What if this happens in any other school? How are we supposed to know and feel safe in those exact hallways where the shooting happened if nothing changes?” he continued.

“If these laws caused the shooting in the first place, what’s going to stop [another shooting] if the laws don’t change?” Wind added.

Laws did not cause the shooting in the first place.  A mentally disturbed orphan caused the shooting.

I’ll tell you what will stop another shooting:  Good Guys with Guns At Home and Abroad.  Employ retired police, veterans and teachers with gun training to carry guns at schools to protect and teach children courage and proper gun handling.

School gun clubs were common-place in the 1970s.  School shootings were not.  Schools taught gun handling and how to use them as a skill.  This prepared a generation of young Americans to handle guns.  Charles C. W. Cook at National Review writes

Up until the ’70s, especially in rural areas, it was commonplace to see kids entering and leaving their school campuses with rifle bags slung lazily over their backs. Guns were left in school lockers, and rifles and shotguns were routinely seen in high-school parking lots, hanging in the rear windows of pickup trucks. A good friend of mine is from North Dakota. His father was telling me recently that in the late 1960s he would hunt before school and then take his rifle — and his bloodstained kills — to school to show his teachers. He and his friends would compare their shooting techniques in the school grounds. Nobody batted an eyelid. In North Dakota, school shootings were non-existent; in the country at large, they were extremely rare.

A free people train their young to defend freedom.  Liberalism has eroded that fundamental right.  We have replaced God with government, self-reliance with dependency, the right to self-defense with political correctness.

All the laws in the world cannot make people safe.  Just ask Kathryn Steinle.  It’s time the GOP propose a bill to divert DACA funding to pay for armed school guards.  Let Democrats choke on that.

Susan Swift

California PolitiChick Susan Swift is a lawyer, author, wife and one conservative mother of seven children. She is currently the Director of Outreach and Engagement at the Right to Life League, American's first pro-life organization. Susan is addicted to the politics of today and always looking out for her little ones' futures. Susan is tough as nails...proud Texan, loves Guns, Freedom, and her right to use Free Speech how she sees fit. And, as a former actress in Hollywood, she always has an opinion about the politics running that town. For more on Susan visit her website at Follow on social media @RealSusanSwift

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