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Day: February 14, 2018

Daniel Greenfield: Make America Into Russia

The Democrats have a bold plan for fighting Russia. Accuse Republicans of treason, eavesdrop on their conversations and send them to jail. Overturn the outcome of a free election because that it...

“Love is Love”? Time to Add An “I” (for Incest) to the LGBTQ Banner

Steven and Katie are in love, and, as we have been indoctrinated to accept by our Social Justice betters over the past decade, “Love is Love” and we are not to judge. Steven and Katie’s romance...

Dr. Jamie Glazov: The Memo and the Left’s “National Security” Lie

Dr. Jamie Glazov focuses onThe Memo and the Left’s “National Security” Lie, exposing the Left’s bizarre and contradictory protests about Nunes’ memo.