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Day: January 31, 2018

2018 State of the Union Address: “Building a Safe, Strong, and Proud America”

President Donald Trump has delivered his first State Of The Union Address to the nation. His theme was “Building A Safe, Strong, And Proud America.” His primary focus was on opportunities that...

Book Review: The Awakening of a Surgeon by Dr. David H. Janda

Books continue to inform my intellect. I have to have the physical presence of a book in my hands. No Kindle reading for me. My literary habit usually involves reading two to six books a month....

Daniel Greenfield: The Big Palestine Lie

The “Palestinians” are not the victims of colonialism. They are its perpetrators.

Dr. Jordan Peterson: The Language-Soul Connection

The Glazov Gang features Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Peterson reflects on The Language-Soul Connection, offering a glimpse into the primary...