Day: January 24, 2018

Corey Lewendosky: Let Trump Be Trump! #SCTeaParty2018

As always, Corey Lewendosky does NOT hold back explaining why the best thing for America is to let Donald Trump be Trump!

Are We Headed for #SchumerShutdown Round Two?

On the first days after the #SchumerShutdown ends we are already experiencing posturing and positioning from one of the key players, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, himself. During...

Daniel Greenfield: The Second Civil War #SCTeaParty2018

Daniel Greenfield at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention explains why we are no in the Second Civil War.

President Trump and the Press

At no point during my lifetime have I been as afraid for the future of our country as I am now. Given the advances in technology, the ability of a few to dictate what the many should believe, and...