Proof of the Left’s Collusion With Russia

Proof of the Russian collusion is finally making sense. As I have continuously pointed out, and even ruffled feathers of party loyalist and establishment supporters, the Alynski tactic of blaming the opposition of a wrong doing, false or not, to cover up your exact same offense, continues to go on. In fact, I have come to listen, on purpose, of any charges the left says about the right, as to know what to focus on when investigating the left. This particular issue, “the Russian collusion” charge by the left and pushed to have happen, is happening. The left even stacked the deck in the special “unbiased” independent investigation team led by Robert Mueller and focused on President Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

Now let us look at some new highlights, shall we?

Let’s start with a man by the name of Peter Strzok:

  • Peter is an FBI agent for the United States of America.
  • Peter Strzok we know is anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. We found this out by his anti-Trump texts sent to an FBI lawyer he is in a romantic relationship with.
  • This is the same Peter Strzok that was involved in the investigation of General Michael Flynn who was charged with only 1 count of lying to the FBI.
  • The same Peter Strzok that RAN the investigation on the Hillary Clinton probe and conducted her interview that was not under oath, for whatever reason.
  • Was also present during the interviews of both Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.
  • Yes, and the same Peter Strzok who changed the language of the then, FBI Director James Comey’s report on Hillary Clintons conduct from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” so it didn’t match wording in the law. Now both of those terms mean exactly the same thing, the only difference is that grossly negligent is the term used in the law and by making this change, gave Comey his corrupted justification to not charge Hillary Clinton.
  • It was Peter Strzok’s team, that was assigned to handle the now debunked “dirty dossier” that the left pushed as justification to even begin a Russian collusion investigation in the first place.
  • And it was Peter Strzok that signed the approval document on the Russian dossier.

It was the Independent investigation headed by Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice that kept this information from Congressional investigators, and refused to allow Strzok to be interviewed. Why this is not a huge conflict of interest is beyond me. In fact, in October, the Wall Street Journal’s board even said that because of these unfolding revelations, Mr. Mueller needs to stand down from this investigation for several reasons, in a titled article called: Democrats, Russians, and the FBI.

Another name we need to notice is Bruce Ohr:

  • Bruce Ohr is a top official of the Department of Justice.
  • The current Department of Justice just acknowledged that Bruce Ohr withheld information about meetings he had last year with 2 persons of interest.
  • Investigators from the house intelligence committee have uncovered that Bruce Ohr met with Christopher Steele, a former British spy, who authored the fake “Trump Dossier” with paid input from Russian sources.
  • Bruce Ohr met with Glen Simpson, founder of GPS Fusion, the opposition research firm who paid Christopher Steele with funding from the Hillary Campaign and the National Democratic Committee.
  • This “Dirty Dossier” is what Democrats and former FBI director James Comey had used and doctored up to vilify and condemn the Trump campaign with the false narrative of a Russian collusion, to cover up their own collusions with the Russians.
  • This same and now proven false dossier is what was used by the Obama administration’s FBI, to unconstitutionally spy on a private American citizen, who just happen to be their opposing party’s campaign candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Now here is the part that should make you scratch your head: both, Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr were appointed to be on the “unbiased” Robert Mueller’s Russian investigative team.

Let that sink in a moment.  Both are very anti-Trump and both have direct connections with Russia itself.

This evidence clearly shows the average citizen, that the Obama administration’s FBI, was working with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, to pay the Russians for their input, so that a hired British spy could author a dirty dossier to be used to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, by framing and going after the Trump campaign.

So there was indeed an act of Russian collusion from an American candidate, by using unconstitutional means, to affect the outcome of our American presidential election, however, the guilty party in NOT Donald J. Trump, but Hillary Rodam Clinton, her campaign and the Democratic National Committee. As time goes on, I am sure, it will point out that other high-ranking members of the FBI, the Attorney General’s office, and others within the Obama administration will be found just as guilty.

All of these, are dirty tactics, that are Politically Motivated and unconstitutionally implemented to achieve the objective of all those mentioned.You can find my resources for this by watching the congressional hearings that grilled the current FBI director Mr. Wray, which took place last week and are continuing this week.

I will not be surprised at all to find that some progressive Republicans will be at fault in this fiasco as well, such as, Senator McCain, for example, but for now we will just have to wait and see. As for all of this blatant, in your face evidence of the left’s collusion with the Russians, it should demand an apology for all those involved in the Trump campaign, and start prosecuting the real guilty parties in this treasonous situation. We the People need to open our eyes and stand up and defend that which our elected officials keep failing to do, our Constitution. We are losing our Republic, but we have this oligarchy on the ropes, and we need to knock it out.

Gregg C. Cummings

Gregg C. Cummings is a US Army Gulf War Veteran ranger and recipient of 23 medals during his military career. In his civilian life he has been a Family Counselor, Police Officer and worked as a Regional Consultant for Strong America Now before coming on board with Tea Party Patriots as a National Support Team Member.

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