Ann-Marie Murrell Discusses The Duke & Elvis With Western Film Legend Don Collier

Ann-Marie Murrell’s interview with Don Collier, who starred in over 200 Western films and television shows including “The High Chaparral”, “Bonanza”, “Branded”, “Wagon Train”, “Gunsmoke,”, “How The West Was Won”, “Little House On The Prairie”, “The Sacketts”, “The Young Riders”, “Renegade”, “War and Remembrance”and many more.

A few of the actors he has worked with are John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Anthony Quinn, Dean Martin, Tom Selleck, James Arness, and even Elvis Presley. He became a 1980s icon as The Gum Fighter for Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum.

The interview took place at the Happy Trails event in Roanoke, Virginia for Victory Television Network, a channel on ROKU. The event is orchestrated by the “head wrangler” (and PolitiChicks contributor) Dr. Fredric Eichelman. The event in 2018 will be three days in Roanoke, Virginia. Join the Facebook page HERE to obtain updated information on the event celebrity guests and how to get on the mailing list.

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