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Day: November 2, 2017

Fair & Balanced Video of a Young Conservative–On ABC!!

Hold on to your hats, folks–this video is a lovely, unedited expose of a young ambassador for Turning Point, USA.  Watch and be proud that THIS is the future of the Republican Party.

Beware the De-Testosteronization of Men

Recently I watched an old science fiction movie in which a group of macho astronauts accidentally time travel to the year 2525 in America. A nuclear war has wiped out the world as we know it and...

Want to work in Hollywood? Here’s the Type of Nondisclosure Agreements You Have to Sign First

The Los Angeles Times has just posted a story about the infamous “NDA’s in Hollywood.  An NDA is a “non-disclosure agreement” and it has been around for at least the last...

Halloween Jihad and the Left’s Blood-Soaked Hands

Daniel Greenfield discusses how progressives enabled the Manhattan massacre.