Tomi Lahren on Gun Control: “Criminals Don’t Obey Laws”

From FOX News:

Tomi Lahren criticized media personalities and politicians who have made a renewed push for gun control legislation in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Lahren, who attended college in the city, said there are hundreds of cases daily of lives that are saved because of a “good guy with a gun.”

She said she routinely feels safer around people who are properly trained to carry firearms.

Lahren addressed those on the left directly, asking them whether they think a murderer like Stephen Paddock is going to think twice that the gun he has is illegal, or whether he broke laws in other ways.

“Criminals, terrorists, psychos – they don’t obey our laws. They don’t care about your gun control,” she said.

She added that establishing gun free zones are in their own definition unsafe, because they lawfully “neuter” everyone there who is forced to be unarmed.


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