President Trump is Proving He Is a Friend to Israel

PolitiChicks.comAnyone who thinks or compares President Trump to either a Nazi or a white supremacist is seriously misinformed. Within a very short amount of time, the President of the United States has shown to the world his friendship with the Jewish people as well has shown his love for the Jewish State, Israel, with two “YUGE” moves.


For more than 8 years, the UNESCO has displayed nothing but antisemitism towards Israel by removing and rewriting the history of the Holy Land. The UNESCO has shown support of Islamic terrorism from the Palestinians and justifies it using the propaganda given to them from Hamas and Fatah. The President of the Palestinian Authority also uses his platform in the UNESCO to demonize Israel. The United States now has a President who sees this hatred towards the Jewish state and is doing something about it, withdrawing from the UNESCO, no other President has shown this much support for Israel as much as President Trump has in the short amount of time of his Presidency.

The Iran Deal

The next big move President Trump is expected to decertify the dangerous Iran nuke deal. This shows he cares not only about the safety of Americans but that he is also a true ally of Israel. Iran has the world’s most dangerous regime running the country. They constantly chant death to America as well as Israel. They have written on their missiles “Israel must be wiped out.” They show their hatred for freedom, Democracy, and basically anything that the United States and Israel stands for.   This irresponsible deal that former President Obama compiled gave Iran more ability with no accountability to make a nuclear weapon in no time. By decertifying this dangerous deal shows where President Trump stands in the war against terror.

Now, I know many Jews both in America and in Israel are asking about the US Embassy move to Jerusalem. Trust me, President Trump is playing chess here; I believe it’s not a matter of if, but when. In my lifetime, there has never been a better friend to Israel than President Trump.

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