Curt Schilling in Puerto Rico: “Horrifying…Towns Are Gone”

From FOX News:

Curt Schilling traveled to Puerto Rico to assist with Hurricane Maria relief efforts, and said the destruction looks like looks like “an atom bomb that didn’t take the bodies.”

Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico on Sep. 20, bringing much of the U.S. commonwealth to the ground.

Compounding the situation, relief efforts are not coming together well, the former major league baseball star told “Fox & Friends.”

“All have said that the president did everything in a pace that they’ve never seen before as far as him releasing money and releasing assets into these theaters,” Schilling said. “The execution on the ground has been horrifying in some cases.”

“I’m a student of military history. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he commented, adding that the southeast side of the island is totally destroyed. “There are towns that are gone.”

“I’ve seen the best and the worst of humanity in the last 48 to 72 hours, and it’s terrifying,” Schilling continued.

Schilling’s hurricane relief project, Operation Bullpen has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

President Trump will visit Puerto Rico and assess the destruction on Tuesday.

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