The Very Complex Subject of “Racism”

Racism seems to be a major divisive topic in our nation, more so since the presidency of Barack Obama. And perhaps the most prominent part of that deals with the slavery that existed on this continent from the 1600’s until the Civil War. Now only a fool would deny that what happened during that period wasn’t wrong, but often the context that the subject is broached in, does not do justice to the truth.

First off throughout human history when a peoples or nation defeated another, the losers were their spoils. Often they were killed, or the women were taken from them, and most always, slavery or some form of servitude came into play. Race or color was not an issue in that.

Hence, when slavery began on the North American continent many tribes in Africa contributed to that by selling those they defeated in battle to the white traders who then brought them here, in a large part to work the cotton fields as cheap labor.

What we fail to realize or perhaps mention is that there were not only black slaves in this nation. At other times, the Irish, some English, and most likely many other groups either were brought here as outright slaves or indentured servants, which were for all practical purposes the same.

We often hear talk of some form of payback financially because of that. However, to do that would mean going back through all of history and paying back every person of every nation who was ever wrongly taken into slavery. Which I think we can all agree would be impossible.

But what we do fail to teach anymore, or express is that over 600,000 mostly white Americans fought and died to end slavery. The blood of over half a million soldiers was spilled. Is that not cost enough? If not what.

I was born in the 1950’s I remember when racism was horrible, very unfair, and no that is not to say that I do not think any form of racism still exists today.

But what I do find are a few things that never seem to be spelled out. First off, there are large numbers of successful black Americans today, male and female, in every realm of our society from the Congress to the Corporate CEO’s, and there is no sense of outrage should it be that they move into the most pristine white communities, or become the neighbor next door.

The days of an interracial couple being harmed by white Americans quite honestly is 99.9% gone, though I will say there is in our day a growing number of black on white violent crimes taking place and many associated when the couple is mixed.

Do black Americans get stopped more often than white Americans by Law enforcement? The answer would be unquestionably yes. Some of it wrongly, but also a fair amount of it associated with the crime rate in a particular area.

I have a reverse example of that. In the 70’s, my brother-in-law was a heroin addict. He and his friends would cross from Jersey into NYC and go to Harlem to cop their drugs. Anytime a cop saw them late at night they were immediately stopped. Why? Well because back then the only white folks in Harlem were those looking for drugs. Hence, he was a prime candidate.

So we come to today where we have Sports figures, movie stars, rock stars, scholars etc all extremely rich and successful, who have suddenly jumped on this hate whites theme, blame whites theme.

The question is, after all the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr, and those brave Americans who nonviolently forced change in America, is re-dividing the nation the way we want to go and the answer is no.

It’s time to soul search, time for all humanity to realize there is but one race, the human race. All descendants of one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. Races became pronounced when man’s speech was confounded at Babel and separate groups went different ways, taking with them part of the DNA genes that determine light to dark skin with them. Hence bringing about the physical differences.

If I had to list priorities today, it would be to go into the areas where crime is most prevalent and began to help these young kids, mostly living without a father in the home who are so vulnerable to gangs and crime.

I would expand greatly school choice, so kids in the areas with poor schooling would have a choice of a better school and thus be able to experience a sound education.

I would mandate drug testing for those on government subsidies, not because I think everyone in need is on drugs, but because they have become a source for some and thus mandating the testing would weed them out.

I would require were physically possible that a person do either community service or some type of work when they are on subsidies. The reason being that when a person gets free they often do not respect how they use it. Scripture tells us if a man will not work, others should not feed him.

In addition, I would encourage people of all races white, black, Hispanic or any other who are not prejudice to speak up. People who love all people and are friends with all people.

As long as the false narrative is allowed to exist our nation will be divided, and in the words of Jesus Christ, a house divided cannot stand.

Jack Martin

Pastor Jack Martin is a seasoned Assemblies of God minister, refusing to be silent on the issues confronting our nation today. In addition he is a first, and second amendment speaker, as well as chaplain of the Nature Coast 912 and member of the Florida ESF-8 emergency response team. He has served the past 17 years as Chaplain for Spring Hill Fire and Hernando County Fire and Rescue. He is the husband of his lovely wife Dee, and the father of their six children.

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