Acts of Lunatics Must Never Result in the Loss of Liberty For Free Men

2nd Amendment PolitiChicksPredictably, after the last appalling act by an evil lunatic on unarmed citizens, the corrupt media and leftwing politicians are ablaze with emotional fear mongering, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment rhetoric designed to divert attention from the facts. ​

Every tragic shooting brings the radical left and their media vultures swooping in and circling, laying siege to the latest victims. They never miss an opportunity to gain an advantage by picking the bones of victims and furthering their cause for total disarmament of Americans. Liberals’ knee-jerk response is always to disarm the innocent and make Americans more vulnerable to lunatics.

The New Democrat Party’s inherent belief is that the Second Amendment – like the rest of the Constitution – is an outmoded, living, changing document subject to progressive-liberal interpretation and alteration. Essentially, they believe our foundation was built on shifting sand.

The Founding Fathers intended that government never infringe upon a citizen’s natural right to self-defense by bearing arms. Having the ability to defend themselves against all enemies and predators – including their own government – was paramount, and their intentions were unmistakably clear in other writings and letters on the meaning of the Second Amendment.

The very liberals believing in disarming Americans are flooding our streets with scum-of-the-earth, lawless hoodlums and hardened criminals who make life in this country perilous at best, and in some places – nearly all controlled by Democrats – death-defying. If this doesn’t necessitate a populace of heavily armed citizens, what does? Keeping the people poor, uneducated, and unarmed form the foundation on which tyranny is built.

There are very good reasons why the wicked attack, rape, assault, and murder the defenseless. That’s where they find easy victims and encounter the least resistance. Liberal tactics only increase lawlessness by encouraging the criminal element and assuring them that malevolence will have no foe, and innocent people will have no refuge.

Regardless of what they write, or what they say, liberals do NOT want a debate on guns; they want a monologue! They never win any debate on merits or on facts. They use diffusion, emotions, lies, hyperbole, ridicule, and scorn. Their “commonsense, reasonable solutions” will dissolve American gun rights. The media repeat the same anti-constitutional arguments tirelessly while dismissing Second Amendment rights as antiquated and then threatening gun owners with violence, imprisonment, fines, punishing taxes, and weapon confiscation.

The anti-gun zealots try to make the case for disarming Americans with the ludicrous claim that it’s the job of police to carry guns and defend the people, making private ownership unnecessary. Thousands of Americans and tens of millions of people around the world are dead because they bought into this nonsense. Most of the mental giants ascribing to this theory are wealthy enough to afford armed guards for their own protection, or politicians protected by armed guards at taxpayers’ expense.

We must fight these people at every turn. Every small inroad erodes our constitutionally protected rights to bear arms. This process played out in countries around the world, and they found themselves unarmed and defenseless – cowering in their own homes.

The anti-constitutionalists argue that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans make the country less safe. To the idiots who believe this, let them place signs in their yards announcing their home is undefended by firearms.

Disarming this nation is the goal of most in the new Democrat Party. It has been the goal of the leftwing for decades, and they have admitted it cannot be accomplished all at once. One law, one regulation, and one court ruling at a time will finally shred the most important of our Bill of Rights. Without the Second Amendment, no other constitutional right is secure.

Armchair liberalism works perfectly in the theoretical, immature, progressive mind. They sit safely at their computers or behind their camera lens spewing hatred toward gun owners, but when reality comes knocking at their door with the slightest threat, they reach for the checkbook and hire armed men to protect their sorry butts. Witness the reaction of the (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News. They’re the brave souls that published and mapped the names and addresses of local citizens who hold legal gun permits, and when they began receiving angry responses, it was a bonanza for groups of armed guards.

Pity, we all can’t afford to hire personal protectors. Perhaps left-wingers will allow us tax deductions for the purchase of our personal security in the form of Smith & Wesson, Colt, or North American Arms.

Peddling fear is the mother’s milk of liberalism. Without promoting fear, liberal-progressives would vanish into rancid, billows of smoke. We must not allow them to reap the fruits of their hatred and fear. The despicable acts of madmen must never result in loss of liberty for free men.

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen is a 75-year-old writer, blogger, poet, and passionate conservative. He believes defending the Constitution is the most important thing we can do as Americans. Jim is the purveyor of website and listens to all opinions based on facts, not on emotional rhetoric. He is politically active and believes in American exceptionalism, capitalism, and freedom from government overreach.

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