HS Teacher Makes Students Wearing Trump Shirts Leave, Compares to ‘Swastika’

From Turning Point USA:

Lemont, Illinois – Turning Point USA, the nation’s leading campus-based conservative grassroots organization, is sickened by the harassment of conservative students wearing Trump: Make America Great Again t-shirts that occurred recently at River Ridge High School in Georgia, allegedly in the class of math teacher Lyn Orletsky.

“Yet again we see the abhorrent harassment of conservative students by faculty,” said Turning Point USA Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk. “It continues to become more apparent every day that the discrimination and harassment of conservative students on campus is an institutionalized problem within academia starting at the lowest grade levels.”

Free speech and the open exchange of ideas should be at the foundation of a student’s educational experience; unfortunately, it is very clear from the student cell phone video that River Ridge High School and the Cherokee County School District do not share this perspective. This situation must be dealt with swiftly and sternly, so that other students are not subjected to this type of discrimination and harassment in the future.

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