EXCLUSIVE: Dinesh D’Souza Discusses New Book, REAL Fascism, and ABBA

LOS ANGELES: The latest catchall word used by today’s Leftists is ‘fascist’. If you are a supporter of President Trump, in the mind of a leftist you are automatically deemed a Hitler-loving white supremacist.   In fact, the left claims fascism is based on right wing beliefs, but is this accurate?

Dinesh D’Souza exposes the truth behind the myth in his latest book, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left.

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In an exclusive phone interview with Dinesh, I discussed how the ‘big lie’ came into existence.

A-M: Dinesh, you’re known for your very non-committal, non-controversial books and films and your latest seems to follow along that same path. So when will you start telling us how you really feel about Leftists in America?

Dinesh D’Souza: (laughing) I’ll admit my book about exposing American Nazis on the left will not win any awards for moderation. But look, it’s not an immoderate book, in that way I mean it’s not a book that strains to prove its thesis.

The reason I used that subtitle is I’ve uncovered so much incendiary material exposing actual connections between the progressive Democrats on the one hand and the fascists and Nazis on the other, that the subtitle is actually fully justified. I didn’t expect to find the connections I did. I was looking to find parallels between things happening, for example, in the Democrat Party, let’s say the parallels between Democratic Party racism and fascist or Nazi racism.

What I didn’t expect to find is that when the Nazis drafted the Nuremburg laws, which turned the Jews into second-class citizens, they actually used the blueprint of the Democrats in the Jim Crow south. In other words, they looked at actual American laws and essentially figured out that if they crossed out the word ‘black’ and write in the word ‘Jew’ they would have a fully functional blueprint for the racist state that they wanted to create.

A-M: Most of us on the right have been called every name in the book, but since Donald Trump took office ‘fascist’ seems to be their favorite curse word to hurl at us. Even if we’re women we’re called Hitler. So what’s the truth about fascists, and was Hitler a right-wing lunatic, as Leftists proclaim?

Dinesh D’Souza: The reason that fascist has become such a favorite epitaph to use on the left is to not only smear the right, but it justifies all kinds of extremist behavior by leftist thugs, and even by mainstream Democrats that would otherwise never be condoned.

So when you think about it, Trump won a lawful election. The other side can’t be expected to be happy, and we weren’t all that happy when Obama was elected or reelected.

But we accepted the outcome. We didn’t boycott the inauguration, we didn’t try to get the electors to turn against Obama, we didn’t try to engineer a coup against Obama once he came to office, we didn’t dispatch costumed thugs to the streets or to the campuses to drive out dissident voices. We did none of that.

So what can justify the use of this kind of extremist behavior? Well, the left goes ‘yes we are justified because somehow America has elected a fascist.’ So it’s kind of like Hitler in the 1930’s and so (they believe) whatever they do to try to get him out of office would be justified, just as it would have been justified if the Germans had done that to Hitler in 1933. 

A-M: Isn’t it ironic that the ANTIFA people are wearing hoods to cover their faces, which is what Democrats did in the KKK.

Dinesh D’Souza: Yeah, the fascism of the left can be seen from so many different angles. The ANTIFA angle is only the most ironic and the most obvious. It’s obviously ironic to have guys who are dressed brown shirts or black shirts who carry weapons and use threats and intimidation and violence and then call themselves ‘anti-fascists’ when they are acting in a fascist way.

But the deeper fascism of the Democratic left is not on the street, it is actually the way in which they enforce a monogamy of thought, a kind of forced harmony of perspective around the institutions of academia, media, and Hollywood.

The Nazis had a term, which is called gleichsheltung, which means ‘coordination’ but what the Nazis meant by this is we’ve got to bring the whole culture of Germany into sync with Nazi ideology. No one was allowed to be out of lockstep. And I would argue that the left has imposed a similar gleichsheltung in America, called political correctness. And that if you are in academia or in Hollywood, and you don’t tow the line, you’re going to suffer and you’re going to suffer serious consequences.

They’re not going to just call you names; your job will be at risk, they will humiliate you and your family in public, they will try to drive you out of public life altogether. So this is a much more frightening exercise of power than merely a bunch of thugs on the street who are burning a car or bashing a Starbucks, that’s not enough but this is much worse.

A-M: Why do you suppose the left has such a diabolical fear of Donald Trump? 

Dinesh D’Souza: There’s no question that Trump’s election put us into a new situation but I would argue that this situation had been brewing for all the Obama years. Because when I came to America and I became a young Reaganite back in the early 80s I would say that even though politics could be rough and tough it was still a gentleman’s fight. We had the idea that we had certain shared goals; we all wanted America to be strong, we all wanted a prosperous country, we might disagree how the wealth should be distributed, but nevertheless our disagreements were more of a means than about ends.

But clearly with Obama and Hillary we have a different breed of Democrats. These are Democrats who have a thuggish streak; they’re willing to use the power of the state against their enemies. They would like to see their enemies locked up. This is like nothing I’ve seen in my adult life. I think that’s how we got Trump, Republicans basically said we tried to nominate one nice guy after another, from Bob Dole to Romney and these guys have been mercilessly clobbered. So we need a tough guy, someone who can fight fire with fire. 

A-M:  Your book The Big Lie exposes the truth that not only are Leftists trying to re-write American history but now they’re trying to re-write World History. What can regular citizens do to combat this nonsense?

Dinesh D'Souza PolitiChicksDinesh D’Souza: I think the first thing is that knowledge is a powerful weapon. People don’t recognize their incredible power to distribute information and get it out. Basically if you have 500 friends on Facebook you’re a mini-publisher. You might say, ‘what can 500 people do?’ But see those 500 people have 500 friends on Facebook.

So the point is that today we can use our influence to disseminate knowledge, and knowledge is power. That’s the first step.

The second step is for the Republicans to toughen up and to realize that this is not the same time that we were in the 1980s. This is not Reagan vs. Tip O’Neal where the two men could go out for a beer afterwards. The left is looking at us as the enemy and quite honestly I believe that they think if people like me were to vanish from the face of the earth this would make their day.

So if I’m right, that we’re living in a sort of fascist moment of American politics, then we have to take that seriously and respond in a tough way. That means, you take the guys who were rioting during the inauguration. Most of those guys were journalists who were arrested for rioting to protest Trump. Now, since the 60s we had this idea that rioting was a form of expression and these people are well-meaning idealists and that maybe they should be asked to cool off with a night in jail and let them out in the morning.

But felony rioting carries a minimum sentence of 5-10 years in prison. Why is it that we are not upholding the law? We’re pretending that the laws that cover this don’t exist. We shouldn’t do that. So I think Republicans have got to realize that the era of invertebrate Republicanism is over and we need to fight the bad guys with force that is proportionate to the things they’re doing.

 A-M: The Hollywood Reporter says you’re planning to make The Big Lie into another movie! Tell us about that, and so you know Morgan Brittany and I would make awesome Nazi hunters if you need any for your movie.

 Dinesh D’Souza: (laughs) That’s fantastic! Yes, well a book is mainly an argument, and a movie is a story or a narrative. So not all books lend themselves into being converted into a movie. But this one does because it is very cinematic. The material out there is very visual, and it’s also very emotionally powerful. Books appeal mainly to the mind, but movies appeal mostly to the heart and so fortunately I think this is a topic that works as a movie. Besides, next year is a very important mid-term election so I’m planning to release the film in June or July of next year with the DVD to come out in early fall, a month or two before the election.

 A-M:  Okay, since by now you’ve probably been asked every other question possible, let’s have some fun.  Other than one of your own, what is your all-time favorite movie? 

Dinesh D’Souza: My all-time favorite is a little known movie out of Australia that is called Breaker Morant.

 A-M: What was your favorite band growing up and what’s your favorite now? 

Dinesh D’Souza: Let’s think; the thing about bands when I was growing up is they tended to come to India a little bit late, so there was a delayed effect. But when I was in my early teens I liked ABBA. When I would go to parties that was a band everybody would play, so I liked those guys. Now I like a young classical composer but it’s music for easy listening. His name is Brian Crain and I like his work.

 A-M: You have a time machine and go anywhere you want. Where do you go and what do you hope to see? 

Dinesh D’Souza: There are two or three periods of history that I find the most interesting. I would love to see Socrates in the streets of Athens. I would certainly like to see the debates between the Christians and the Muslims of the University of Paris in the Middle Ages. And I would certainly like to have been a fly on the wall in Philadelphia while the founders were debating the Constitution. Those are the three snapshots of world history that I would have loved to eavesdrop on.

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left is in stores everywhere OR for a limited time, get a signed copy (along with an instant download of Chapter 1) HERE.

Ann-Marie Murrell

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