Durham, NC: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Note some of the World Worker Party messages: ‘SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY’, ‘Cops & Klan Go Hand in Hand’…(Source: World Workers Party)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the midst of the recent chaos in Charlottesville and Durham this week, it seems some of our national leaders and the mainstream media (MSM) have lost their ability to speak those words.

Pictures and videos have shown the anarchy we witnessed in Durham, NC this week where a mob took it upon themselves to bring down a Confederate monument that stood in front of the Old County Courthouse on Main Street.  This display of lawlessness was apparently in retaliation for the violent rally in Charlottesville over the weekend.

The reaction to President Trump’s words calling out both sides in Charlottesville has been virulent, particularly in the MSM. The White Supremacists are a hateful, racist group that did, indeed, engage in the violence on Saturday. They should be and were denounced by President Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that these racist groups were looking for a fight when they arrived in Charlottesville. Sadly, they got one.

They, however, weren’t the only ones doing the fighting.

Antifa and other Leftist “resistance” groups, as reported by those present during the violence, were throwing urine, tossing a newspaper stand, and beating people.  The MSM and politicians have worked hard to drown out the reality of Antifa’s tactics and engagement in Charlottesville.

Fast forward to Durham two days later where only one side showed up, but the MSM refuses to cover exactly who they are. The pictures/videos in Durham show a good number of signs and pre-made posters that depict the website address of the Workers World Party (WWP). (I won’t link to it.)   The local Durham paper lists other Far Left revolutionary groups (including Antifa) as being present in Durham when the statue was unlawfully removed.

But it is nearly impossible, in reports of this event, for the MSM to refer to these groups as the “revolutionaries” and anti-Americans that they are. They simply refer to them as “protesters”.

So who is the Workers World Party and what do they represent?

Let’s start with the words of Eva Panjwani, who is a member of the WWP in Durham: “Tactics are changing, which means that our strategies need to change, our unity needs to escalate and our demands to fight back and resist domestic terror needs to escalate.” (My emphasis).

To find the danger in this group of people, couple Panjwani’s cry for “escalation” with the actual goals and intentions of the WWP:

  • The goal of the WWP is to stop capitalism, disarm police, invoke a socialist revolution, and defend “Black Lives Matter”.  For the record, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in Dallas and Baton Rouge led to police officers being murdered in cold blood. BLM has undermined its own cause by throwing Molotov cocktails, shutting down highways, vandalizing police stations, chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon“, and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” and more.
  • The WWP wants to fight for socializing all wealth and plan all production. They defended Hugo Chavez and his socialist revolution in Venezuela (we see the results of that now). They revere North Korea and its Marxist-Leninist ideology where millions have died of murder and starvation at the hands of the totalitarian regime.
  • They defend the New Black Panthers and the Weather Underground (a group that reveres Lenin’s Communist doctrine, and one that, in 1969, among other violent efforts, blew up a STATUE commemorating police casualties).
  • A photo of Vladimir Lenin was prominent on the WWP web page at the time that I checked it. Lenin and his ideology killed millions…his evil grossly overshadows the losses of the Civil War and his Marxist/Communist ideology continues to kill millions today.

So, why the lack of voice about these groups in the media and with our leaders? Why do these anti-American revolutionary groups in Durham and Charlottesville get a pass from the Left, elite Right and MSM? These groups want to overthrow America. It is the height of irony that the Confederate statues, to these Leftists, represent traitors to America. Yet, these very groups, coddled by the MSM, wish to disarm police officers and overthrow America, the Constitution, the culture and freedom.

Tammy Bruce warned us this week of the dangers of these groups dividing our nation:

The concerted effort by the so-called “Resistance” to further divide this nation is disgusting and dangerous. By singularly focusing on such a craven goal of race hatred and suspicion, and conflating white supremacists with all Trump voters, they not only ignore the real issue of the danger of identity politics, they contribute to it.

Make no mistake, much of our media is complicit in this “Resistance”, as well.

And from Daniel Horowitz at the Conservative Review :

“… whether you care about history or monuments or not, this effort is not coming from a good place and is not headed in a safe direction. Let’s not forgot this is the same crowd that is tearing down the Ten Commandments and removing separate-gender bathrooms. All of this is part and parcel of a de-civilization agenda that desecrates every bit of our history, traditions, and commonsense values. It is truly regressive at its core.

The only thing this agenda will accomplish is rejuvenating the dark forces that were thankfully dormant until recently and turn a once innocuous and even inspirational heritage of reconciliation into a flashpoint for the worst elements on all sides of the political and social spectrum.”

Much of the evil on both sides was relatively dormant for decades. However, the last 8 years (and Obama’s efforts) have brought it to the forefront and it seems that the MSM and others wish to pour gasoline on the fire. This won’t end well for America, for freedom of thought and speech, or for civility. God help us through this chaotic time where truth (and Truth) is overshadowed by propaganda and hate.

Sheri Sharp

Sheri Sharp is now a busy stay-at-home mom with a professional background in Telecommunications Executive Management. After the birth of her children, she also ventured into entrepreneurship and operated her own online children's clothing store for 7 years. Sheri has long had an interest in politics and current events. In recent years, that interest has expanded to a love of history and an interest in our Constitution. Sheri has an unshakable belief that our country is moving ever further away from the Constitutional principles that were brilliantly put in place by our Founders. She believes that, once lost, freedom is difficult, if not impossible, to regain. The energy she feels about preserving our Constitution and freedom has released itself into her efforts at political blogging, political discussions, and daily reading and analysis of current events and politics. Sheri lives in Oklahoma. Over the years, her career moved to her Texas, Missouri and Southern California, where she met her husband. She attended the University of Oklahoma where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and received her Masters of Business Administration degree from Oklahoma City University. Sheri is married to a retired US Navy Officer (Carrier-Based Aircraft) and has two daughters that keep her busy in the local PTA, softball games, and as a parent volunteer/social media lead for the High School Marching Band. Sheri is also an active volunteer board member and website/social media developer for a rural Native American genealogy and history museum. When she isn't busy with those endeavors she loves to spend time with her large extended family and friends, watching college sports, antique shopping, reading, and Sudoku puzzles.

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