Stop Waiting, Pres. Trump: We Have to Drain the Swamp Ourselves

Donald Trump ran for election on the promise that he was going to drain the swamp. What I have learned since Trump took office is that no one man can fix everything. America didn’t become great because of great presidents. Americans and the ideas of America are what made our country great.

The task of making America great again lies on the shoulders of its citizens. Not its president.
If we’re all a bunch of corrupt liars, then that’s the kind of country we will have. We have to look deep within ourselves and become better people. Only then will we become a better country.

With that, I would like to tell you my contribution to making America great again.

I live in deep blue California and there is no place more alive right now politically in this country than Southern California.

What makes California interesting from a political standpoint is California sees itself as the standard bearer for progressive policies throughout the nation. This has at times led to very radical legislation coming out of Sacramento. Last year, SB18 was introduced which was the Children’s Bill of Rights. The bill would have transferred the authority of our children over to the state. If passed, this bill would have created a system where every child would have a social worker who checks in on them similar to what we see in some European countries. Fortunately, for everyone around the country SB18 was defeated.

The worst part about dealing with the California government is its obsession with the environmental green agenda. California is the only state in country to pass laws dealing with man made global warming. This ideology has caused a lot of questionable policies to be implemented in our state. The way these policies are being put into place is very sneaky and is happening right under our nose.

It’s done at the local level by holding meetings that are sparsely attended where language is used that the general public doesn’t understand. These meetings are held at times that make attendance difficult, usually in the middle of the week, early in the morning, or during the day. What is happening in these meetings is tax payer paid consultants are convincing our elected city councils to re-plan our cities based on the ideology of sustainable development. In many cases, our elected leaders are not well versed in planning and are easily fooled by pretty pictures and deceptive language. This has resulted in numerous cities passing plans they may not have otherwise passed had they heard both sides. Once these plans get put into place, the transformation begins to take place. High rise “luxury” apartment buildings start popping up all over your city, car lanes are replaced by giant green bike lanes, and empty buses start going up and down your main boulevards. All of this is being done under the guise of reducing our carbon footprint to fight global warming. To sum it up, our local governments are planning for the reduction of our standard of living. This is why our local form of government is our most important. It’s also the level at which we the average citizen have the most power.

But not everyone elected to local public office is that gullible. There are many others who know exactly what they are doing to us and in many cases they are doing it under the banner of the Republican party.

Another way that the green agenda gets implemented is via parallel or shadow governments.

At the county level throughout the country we are seeing multiple layers of government. In Los Angeles County where I live, we have at least 3 layers of county government. One that is elected and 2 that are unelected.

These shadow government agencies have voting boards that are made up of locally elected mayors and city council members.The people who sit on these boards have great power while sitting outside their jurisdiction.

One individual who I have followed for the last couple years has far more power than anyone should ever have on a city council. That man is Alan Wapner and he is elected to the Ontario city council.

Councilman Wapner sits on over a dozen unelected boards outside of his official capacity. The general public for the most part is oblivious to what Wapner is doing in his spare time. Alan Wapner is the President of SANBAG, Vice President of SCAG, and is the President of the Ontario Airport Authority. Those are just the ones I am aware of.

SANBAG and SCAG are what are called councils of governments (COG). They are parallel layers of county government. SANBAG is in San Bernardino County and SCAG is in Los Angeles County.

Wapner has risen to the top of these boards and the result has been Wapner has achieved great power while ramming a really bad agenda down all of our throats.

There is no one pushing the green environmental agenda in Southern California more than Alan Wapner.

In 2016, Wapner made the motion at SCAG to pass the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP is a plan to fight climate change that calls for the raising of our taxes by a whopping half trillion dollars. This is the same Alan Wapner who calls himself a fiscally conservative Republican. Many of the new taxes that have gone up recently in California coincide with the passage of the RTP.

Most recently, while presiding over a meeting at SANBAG, 33 miles of toll lanes were passed on the Interstate 10 freeway. Like the RTP, Wapner led the charge to get toll lanes passed.

After witnessing all of these events, I finally said enough is enough. Alan Wapner is up for re-election in 2018 and I have started a campaign against him. Just this last week I went to his city council meeting and told his residents what he’s been up to with video proof. You can see the video of my speech below:

Gary Gileno

Gary Gileno is a freelance journalist in Southern California investigating corruption at the local level. He can be found on twitter and youtube under the name grindall61.

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