Melanie Collette: Blacks, Bringing Back Segregation to America: Are They the New Racists of the 21st Century?

There is a hateful and racist trend growing in America, and it is not whites who are perpetuating it, it’s blacks. African American history in the United States is marred by slavery, segregation, and racism. Now, blacks are actually doing the bidding of their oppressors – and the results are unfortunate. Self-segregation in black culture in America is becoming a widespread practice, and it needs to stop. What is most insidious about this growing practice is its claim of promoting “equality”.

Many of today’s leftists do not remember this, but perhaps they should crack open a history book. There was a time in this country where everything was “separate but equal.” However, a Supreme Court case (that too many  leftist blacks have never heard of) called Brown vs. the Board of Education declared that having separate schools for whites and blacks was unconstitutional. Whose idea was it that blacks and whites should have different accommodations? Racist white people. It turns out the “equal” part of the “separate but equal” requirement was woefully lacking.

So now we fast forward to 2017 and what do we have? Blacks are demanding separate accommodations from whites.  They want their own “safe spaces” out of the view of other races and “blacks only” days at colleges. And at Harvard University, black students raised their own money to hold a “blacks only” graduation in addition to the regular graduation. They honestly believe they are special simply because they are black and have earned a college degree.

The saddest part about this and other “blacks only” graduations sprouting up around the country is that they are feeding into the racist narrative that they are “less” than their white counterparts. Either you are equal, or you are not. A “blacks only” graduation says, “I had more challenges and more struggles than my white counterparts – so I deserve and additional, special ceremony for accomplishing the same goal.”

Really? If you are a black Harvard grad with no financial challenges, did you have it worse than the white or Asian student that struggled financially during college?

The biggest proponent of this new type of racism and separatist behavior is Black Lives Matter (BLM), who had the audacity to hold a “blacks only” Memorial Day party in New York City, barring non-blacks from attending. This same organization holds “blacks only meetings” in Philadelphia.

The fact of the matter is proponents of this separatist agenda do not want equality. Let’s at least have some intellectual integrity here and stop calling it “equality.” BLM and those who think like them are racists who want retribution for perceived racial wrongs (the bold-faced “hands up, don’t shoot” lie in the Michael Brown case comes to mind).

What these people are doing is dangerous and wrong. BLM and their kind are taking blacks backward, to a time to when segregation was legal and just as hateful. There is no such thing as a good version of racism. Pray. Turn back now, before it is too late.


Melanie Collette

Melanie Collette has worked as Business Technology Teacher and an Adjunct Professor at Rowan University for the past few years. Holding a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration, and currently pursuing her Doctorate in Public Administration, Melanie ensures she is well-informed on public policy standards and trends. Melanie’s political career began in 2011 when she started volunteering on a local campaign in varying capacities including campaign treasurer, social media manager, and call center manager. Most recently, she served as one of New Jersey’s six Vice Chairs on the Marco Rubio campaign November’ 2016 presidential election. Melanie currently serves as Region 7 Vice Chair for the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women. In addition to her political and academic activities, Melanie is a contributing writer for The Horn News and hosts her own internet radio show, “MoneyTalk with Melanie” on SHR Media and High Plains Pundit Talk Radio.

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