Kellyanne Conway Presented Woman of the Year Award

Kellyanne Conway with Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute President & Founder, Michelle Easton

Herndon, VA— Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway was presented with Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s 2017 Woman of the Year award at Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C..

Kellyanne was honored with this prestigious award because of her extraordinary leadership, courage, and dedication to defending and advancing conservative principles. She has inspired many women, especially young women on college campuses, to listen and then respond to liberal attacks with precision, accuracy and grace.

The room was filled with supporters and friends of the Institute, as well as young women who have participated in past events, alumni, and former staff and interns. It was an intimate evening with all attendees having close ties with Luce Policy Institute.

After enjoying a delicious dinner, CBLPI President Michelle Easton and Kellyanne Conway had a discussion on stage about Kellyanne’s career, her thoughts about the future for conservatives, and advice she had for the young women in the room.

Kellyanne encouraged the young women to be bold voices for conservatism, telling them to “be a product of your choices, not a victim of your circumstances”

The attendees were inspired by Kellyanne’s humble remarks, especially when she told the room “By the way, that job is still open, first woman president of the United States.”

In the past, the Woman of the Year award has been awarded to some of the nation’s leading conservative women including Congressman Marsha Blackburn, KT McFarland, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin.

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