PolitiChicks Co-Owners Murrell & Brittany Sign With Keppler Speakers

Los Angeles, CA:  PolitiChicks.com co-owners, Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, have signed with Keppler Speakers Bureau.

Morgan says, “Ann-Marie and I have been on the speaker’s circuit together since 2011 so we are honored to be with Keppler, listed among so many diverse speakers such as Magic Johnson, Charles Krauthammer, Bob Woodward, even John Cleese and former President Jimmy Carter.”

Ann-Marie adds, “Other than Krauthammer, Eric Bolling, Sen. Scott Brown, and Stuart Varney, there are very few conservative speakers on their roster so we’re excited to bring our voices to Keppler.”

Keppler says about Ann-Marie and Morgan:

“With the spirit of warriors, Ann-Marie and Morgan empower audiences to raise their voice, shape national discourse, and change the world. As they passionately encourage others to dispense with the “politics as usual” mindset, the PolitiChicks embolden audiences to stand up for “We the People” by becoming politically active on all levels.”

About Keppler Speakers: Founded by CEO, Jim Keppler in 1983, Keppler Speakers is the country’s largest privately held speakers bureau. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Keppler Speakers has represented many of the most prestigious and celebrated speakers from the worlds of business, world affairs, politics, entertainment, education, literature, sports and leadership.

The company’s growth trajectory has included an expanding client base that includes: Fortune 500 companies across a wide swath of industry sectors, national trade associations representing over 75 million members, colleges/universities, performing arts centers and international audiences across the globe.

Contact info: https://www.kepplerspeakers.com/speakers/politichicks

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