Next Phase of Democrat Town Hall Craziness: Send In the Pagans

Since Pres. Trump took office, there has been a very organized movement to stage “protests” in Republican townhall meetings across the nation. Basically what they do is shout down Republican guest speakers, trying to prevent them from being heard. Apparently this is the way Democrats have decided to influence voters not to vote Republican.

Send In the Pagans…

Now it seems protesters are amping things up a bit. At a town hall meeting in Louisiana, a group of people began shouting during the prayer.  One man continuously shouted, ‘Separation of church and state!’ while others booed and shrieked.

CSCMedia reported,

“The organized mob, there to prevent Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy from speaking to constituents, exploded into a psychotic rage when told the meeting would open with a prayer.

Dozens of liberals began shrieking, screaming, cursing and shouting as the prayer started. They continued booing, heckling and hurling epithets at the clergyman.

One liberal began shouting for a prayer to “Lucifer.”
The psychotic screaming reached its peak when the riot mob heard the word “Jesus.”

The liberal mob’s foaming-at-the-mouth anger grew only hotter when told to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The recitation of the Pledge was drowned out by liberals screaming like feral animals.”

Here is the video:

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