Violent Protests: Risking Our Safety, Misusing Taxpayer Money While Promoting Divisiveness & Hate

David Brock, a left wing agitator, George Soros operative and friend of the Clintons, said that the goal of the left is to hurt Trump any way they can.

A Washington Free Beacon article stated the Democrats want vengeance and they plan to defeat Trump through 1) impeachment, 2) combating anything they disagree with, and 3) filing lawsuits against Trump.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

These are the type of people behind Anti-Trump protests as featured in the following ‘Not My President’s Day’ videos, covered by reporter Taylor Beacom.

In the following coverage of the ‘Not My President’s Day’ rally in NYC, immigrant issues are front and center. While Taylor Beacom interviewed many well intentioned people at the rally, some demonstrated how ill informed and often blindly partisan they are on the subject of the so-called “Muslim ban”. (Warning: Strong language)

Seven countries were identified by Congress and the Obama administration as being countries of great concern since they are ‘hotbeds’ for terrorists and there is not a solid vetting procedure in place for people entering our country from these locations. President Trump attempted to put a pause in place in order to give us time to try to strengthen the vetting process for the purpose of better protecting us from people entering this country with the potential intent to do harm. Instead of supporting a measure that is designed to help keep me and other Americans safe, leftists chose to impede the order by filing lawsuits for the sole purpose of harming the efforts of the Trump administration. They, in collaboration with the main stream media and Hollywood, tried to represent the order as a “ban on all Muslims”. With 85% of Muslims not affected by this order, it was ludicrous to label it as a Muslim Ban. But this is what leftists do- incite the masses by creating the false narrative of Islamaphobia, Xenaphobia and Racism.

In order to try to make President Trump look bad, they are more than willing to risk our safety. This is disgraceful!  Where were they when President Obama shut down the Iraqi Refugee program for 6 months and, just before leaving office in January, reversed the longstanding practice of accepting Cuban refugees into our country? Should a new term be created – Cubaphobia?

Most recently, another 9th Circuit Judge put a halt to the federal government withholding some funds from being distributed to ‘sanctuary cities’. The continuation of these cities protecting illegal aliens, especially the criminals, again puts citizens at increased risk.

I understand that leftists are disappointed and upset that their candidate did not win. However, I would like to know who will be paying for all of these efforts to get revenge? For each lawsuit that they file, the DOJ will need to respond. The DOJ is paid with taxpayer money. So for each effort they make to exact revenge, they spend time and resources to implement these attacks, again costing taxpayers money, along with detracting from the time and money that should be spent on producing and recommending legislation to benefit the people. Think of what else this money could be used for: cancer research, space programs, clean water and air research, veteran programs, rebuilding our infrastructure, etc.   Am I the only one concerned about this blatant abuse of their powers, failure to live up to their responsibilities as legislators and sheer waste, if not misuse, of the money that I and other taxpayers give to the government to spend on behalf of us, for our betterment?

As a taxpaying citizen of this country, I resent what these leftist ‘children’ are doing. They are dividing this country even further than they did during the campaign with their identity politics, the worst being Mrs. Clinton’s depiction of ½ of Trump supporters as a ‘basket of deplorables (racists, xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, Islamaphobes, etc.).

Leftists have proclaimed that they will litigate and/or block every effort of this administration. They are intent upon being unproductive and obstructive, i.e. won’t do their jobs. They rile up the population to cause riots and obstruct free speech from anyone who disagrees with them. They make every effort to divide this country, pitting every possible group against each other and then accuse President Trump of causing this divisiveness. If the ‘leftists’ continue on this path, they will likely self-destruct.

Perhaps there should be legislation put in place requiring those who file lawsuits that are clearly misguided and wasteful, without the purpose of honesty and good intent, to be personally responsible for all legal fees on both sides. Get your checkbook ready Mr. Soros!

Here’s one more video in which Taylor Beacom tries to explain the misconception of the “Muslim ban” to protesters at the NYC “Not My President” rally.  Again, strong language, but watch for a few very funny/ironic moments including one protester who doesn’t quite understand percentages, and another moment when Taylor gets confronted for saying he says doesn’t condone violence while at the same time people are chanting, ‘Punch a Nazi in the face!’

Taylor Beacom is a NYC writer, comedian, musician, actor and social issues commentator who is a proponent of having honest conversations about important issues in a thoughtful and candid manner without being stifled by political correctness. He has recently created a YouTube channel called “Beacom of Light” dedicated to fighting hypocrisy and hyperbole on the front lines of America’s streets. Visit his YouTube channel,, subscribe and hit the ‘like’ button. Donations can be made through Patreon.

Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson is a former Director at a major marketing firm and a major airline. Originally from Manhasset, NY, she moved about as an adult having followed her career from NYC to Dallas, to Seattle, back to NY, to Tampa, to L.A., then back to NYC where she intends to stay put, at least for now.

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