NRA Annual Meeting Interviews with LTC Allen West, Dana Loesch and More

While attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, I was able to speak to some major contributors who are fighting to protect a citizen’s right to bear arms.

On the Tuesday episode of TrendChat we talked about “Republicans acting like Democrats” and the first set of interviews from the NRA Annual Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. I spoke to Stefany Resse with Springfield Armory about the history of company and their new AR-15, the Saint. I was already considering this rifle and after speaking with her I decided to call a dealer and make a purchase. We also talked Marti Stonecipher with The Well Armed Woman and Lt. Col Allen West, the Executive Director of National Policy Center and Analysis. I thanked Lt. Col West for his endorsement of our book PolitiChicks:
Listen to “Ep. 26 – TrendChat At NRA Annual Meetings Part 1 – Allen West” on Spreaker.

In this episode of TrendChat I spoke to David Miles for Mossberg and Justin Murray for Crossbreed Holsters. I also talked to Stephanie Williams for Southpaw Tactical about the difficulties in being a left-handed shooter, along with her experiences as a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor. We spoke to Colion Noir of NRATV where he talked about his different approach in how he talk about guns and what kind of reception he receives when talking about guns in the black community.
Listen to “Ep. 27 – TrendChat At NRA Annual Meetings – Colion Noir, SouthpawSteph and More” on Spreaker.

In this Thursday episode of TrendChat I talked to Maj Toure with Black Guns Matter and the Founder and Co-founder of EmPOWERed, Antonia Okafor and Joanna Rodriguez about their new initiative to empower women on college campuses to be confident in protecting themselves with a gun.

Finally, I spoke to NRA Spokesperson and Host of “Dana” on the TheBlaze, Dana Loesch about my recent tweet that apparently triggered an anti-gun group. Dana and I also discussed details about a new NRA program called NRA Carry Guard.
Listen to “Ep. 28 – TrendChat At the NRA Annual Meetings – Dana Loesch, Maj Toure & EmPOWERed” on Spreaker.

Brian Bledsoe

After years of living in total indifference to world of politics, repenting and believing in Jesus Christ in 2007 radically changed Brian Bledsoe's outlook on life. In early 2008 Brian sought to find a candidate that aligned closest to his new found faith and came to shocking revelation that none of the candidates of the party he blindly voted for the past 8 years matched up with his Christian values. So in 2008 he voted Republican for the first time and hasn't looked back since. Now Brian is a advocate not for party politics but for biblical principles that some would either consider conservative or maybe libertarian because he learned quickly that parties tend to have a problem sticking with their principles. Brian is a U.S. Army Veteran and has been a professional driver since 2005. He travels to volunteer for various organizations and campaigns looking to help in any way he can.

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