Meet Our Next Ben Shapiro at Pro-Trump Rally in NYC: “Political correctness needs to be ground into a fine powder.”

At the Pro Trump Rally held April 29th in NYC, Taylor Beacom interviewed many of the attendees, including Trump supporter, Aaron (who could be our next Ben Shapiro). Aaron shared his thoughts on everything from the main street media to the Republican Congress to the Antifa and far ‘left’.

Part 1, Interview with Trump supporter, Aaron: “Political correctness needs to be ground into a fine powder”

Part 2, Interview with Aaron: “Antifa are ‘fevered brats’ with no truth or virtue from the far left”

Part 3, Interview with Aaron: “Overuse of the term ‘Rascist’ rendering it less impactful”

Finally, Taylor Beacom asks Trump supporter Aaron, “Is Trump a Nationalist or Globalist?”

Taylor Beacom is a NYC writer, comedian, musician, actor and social issues commentator who is a proponent of having honest conversations about important issues in a thoughtful and candid manner without being stifled by political correctness. He has recently created a YouTube channel called

“Beacom of Light” dedicated to fighting hypocrisy and hyperbole on the front lines of America’s streets. Visit his YouTube channel,,subscribe and hit the ‘like’ button. Donations can be made through Patreon

Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson is a former Director at a major marketing firm and a major airline. Originally from Manhasset, NY, she moved about as an adult having followed her career from NYC to Dallas, to Seattle, back to NY, to Tampa, to L.A., then back to NYC where she intends to stay put, at least for now.

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