At Least 19 Dead, Probable Islamic Terrorist Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in UK

From Daily Mail UK:

Nineteen people have been confirmed dead and around 50 injured after a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the end of a teen concert tonight.

Video footage showed thousands of people fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood, after the Ariana Grande concert finished.

Horrifying footage showed petrified children leaping over fences as they desperately tried to escape the 21,000-seat venue.

Armed officers surrounded the venue and bloodied casualties were seen being stretchered out of the concert that resembled a ‘war zone’.

There were fears a ‘nail bomb’ had been used as witnesses described there being ‘nuts and bolts flying everywhere.’

Last night police carried out a controlled explosion at Cathedral Gardens after finding a second suspicious device.

Throughout social media people in the UK are trying to locate their lost friends and family members who attended Monday night’s Ariana Grande concert in the UK.

Our prayers go out to all involved, and prayers for this world where terror lives and is allowed to go unnamed.

Follow BBC Live reporting HERE.

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