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Day: April 26, 2017

President Trump: “Massive Tax Cuts Coming Soon”

President Trump said he would release new details about his plan to overhaul the tax code on Wednesday, April 26. He hinted that his planned tax cuts for businesses and individuals will go...

Daniel Greenfield: The One Lesson of the Holocaust

Yom HaShoah comes and goes. A day for looking back at what has happened and a day for looking away from what will happen. Millions of dollars have been spent building memorials to the victims of...

100 Days Later the Russians Are Gone, Hillary Still Lost, So Now Who’s to Blame for Pres. Trump’s Success?

For months after the presidential election we continuously heard, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”  Yeah, yeah, sure. I grew up putting my head under my school desk...

Anne Marie Waters: Easy Guide to Debating the Useful Infidel

Anne Marie Waters, the Director of Sharia Watch UK, exposes the cowardice and malice behind the Left’s Jihad Denial.