Day: April 7, 2017

Leaked Docs Show Soros Spending Big Money to Control Elections & Movements in EU

From Daily Caller: Leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations reveal how Soros works to defeat populist candidates and movements in Europe. Soros, a U.S. citizen, uses a network...

A Look Back at PolitiChicks Commentary About Syria From 2013

After the chemical attack on Syrian citizens in 2013, PolitiChicks extensively covered the problems involved in siding (or not siding) with people who are diabolically opposed to everything...

Jamie Glazov: Police “May Never Know” Motive of London ISIS Terrorist

Jamie Glazov focuses on the London police stance that they “may never know” the motive of the London ISIS terrorist attack, reflecting on the mystery wrapped inside an enigma that ensues unabated.