HILARIOUS Twitter Posts on @CrackerBarrel After “Brad’s Wife” is Fired

It all started when Bradley Reid Byrd posted on Facebook, “Why did you fire my wife?”

According to KCRA.com,

Comedian Amiri King brought the situation into the public eye and King’s 2 million followers. Now, after many have commented on the original post, there is a petition that has over 11,800 supporters asking that Brad’s wife, Nanette, receive justice.

The petition writes, “Brad was a kind and simple man. His wife, a loyal Cracker Barrel employee of 11 years.” According to the website, Nanette was “fired” on Brad’s birthday.

“When we reach 10,000 signatures, this petition will be delivered to Cracker Barrel’s corporate office,” said the website.

From there, people have been tweeting hilarious “#JusticeforBradsWife” posts ever since on every featured Cracker Barrel picture on Twitter.

Here’s a sampling:

Brilliant marketers they are, Chik-fil-A got in on the #JusticeforBradsWife saga, too, with this post:

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