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Day: February 11, 2017

New CIS Report Reveals 72 Terrorists Came from Countries Covered by President Trump’s Executive Order

Since 9/11, 72 individuals from the seven mostly Muslim countries covered by President Trump’s “extreme vetting” executive order have been convicted of terrorism, a finding that...

Self-Made Millionaire Steve Beaman Explains the Impact of Trump’s Policies on the U.S. Economy

In a nutshell, the radical Leftists and main stream media pundits are losing their ever-loving minds.

Daniel Greenfield: The Left’s Persecution of Real Refugees From Islam and Communism

Only 1% of the Syrian refugees admitted by Obama were Christian. 98.8% were Muslim.

Anarchy Across America

The border wall won’t solve the entire problem. No one thing will. But a lot of concerted actions, taken together, can.