Day: February 1, 2017

LEGAL EARTHQUAKE: CA City Must REPAY $57 Million For Illegal Rate Hike; Violated State Constitution

Glendale CA to repay almost $57 million to residents and return over $1.7 million of illegally transferred funds back to GWP utility fund.

DHS Continues to Enforce Trump’s Travel Ban

DHS said the order affects a small amount of people traveling internationally but is the “first step towards reestablishing control over America's borders and national security.”

Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch a “Worthy Heir” to Scalia

President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court will be Neil Gorsuch.

Optimism for Pro-Life

We, as a people, are capable of shocking and vast degrees of evil. There’s nothing to be gained by denying it. It isn’t because of our policies on drug use, our exact stance on education, or...