Republicans in Congress Prepare to Defund Planned Parenthood

Republicans in Congress plan to defund Planned Parenthood as part of their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday.

The move would deal a huge blow to the abortion giant, which estimates federal funds account for 40 percent of its total revenue each year. Another 10 percent comes from state and local governments, totaling a whopping sum of $500 million a year

Ryan told reporters:

“Planned Parenthood legislation would be in our reconciliation bill.”

The defunding measure would be included in the fast-track bill aimed at repealing Obamacare. Republicans are laying out an aggressive plan to get the changes through, and plan to use a budget tool called reconciliation to allow the laws to pass by a simple majority vote.

While Planned Parenthood claims abortion is only 3% of what they do and that their priority is “women’s health care.” But does their math add up? This Live Action video explains:

The truth of the matter is, Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. It exists so that children don’t. And our taxpayer money is funding this evil. As already mentioned, government funding accounts for about 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget. So, it’s encouraging to see that Paul Ryan and other Republicans want to ax that funding once and for all.

Sonya Sasser

South Carolina PolitiChick Sonya Sasser has conducted enormous research and has written numerous PolitiChick articles on topics such as: the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, the erosion of personal freedoms, the unique power of county sheriffs, the Constitution versus U.N. treaties, Benghazi, terrorism, Mexican drug cartels, and various political candidates. Sonya has also conducted exclusive interviews with: well-known gun rights advocate Nikki Goeser, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, OK Congressman Jim Bridenstine, N.C. Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell, U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Mace, Madison Rising's lead singer Dave Bray, and many other distinguished subjects. Sonya has been a guest speaker at the South Carolina Guns Across America rally and various Conservative radio shows. In addition to her efforts to save our Republic, Sonya is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a registered dietitian, and a fashion and fitness guru. She is infamous for being 'that chick who runs a lot' and loves sharing her fitness tips with others! Sonya is also the creator and administrator of Breakthrough Nation, a Conservative blog that reaches thousands of Patriots across the nation. If you ask Sonya why she spends so much time on the political battlefield, her response will most certainly be, "I do it for my children." She feels it is her duty to preserve and protect those precious freedoms that have been endowed to every American by their Creator.

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