Israeli Says: “Stop Telling Us to Make Peace With People Who Want to Harm Us”

PolitiChicks.comThis week in Israel, specifically in Jerusalem our eternal capital suffered a tragedy. An Arab Israeli drove his vehicle into a group of young cadets in a horrific terror attack, killing 5 young cadets and wounding 15 cadets and soldiers.

First and for most, I would like to thank countries like the United States, Germany, France and others. We in Israel truly appreciate when countries stand with us against terror. There is nothing like seeing our flag displayed in many of your monuments as well as other means of support.

With all of that, if you truly want to support Israel and her people here is what you can do.

Stop telling us how to run our country. Stop telling us to make peace with people who want to harm us. Stop telling us to no longer build Jewish homes in a Jewish country. Let us defend ourselves our way we know best. Let our leaders be the capable leaders they are without tying their hands.   Our Military is capable in defending Israel. Let us run our own country. Stop telling us to implement a 2 state solution where you know fully well that will put our people more in danger. History has shown when we give an inch of land for peace, terrorist take a mile for terror. Enough is enough, if you truly support our people, our country and our way of life. Then let us make our own decisions without any pressure, without any repercussions.

One of my opinions in the best way you can do this let Israel break away from international law, and make our own constitution, our own constitution for the people by the people. And my message to our leaders, continue to withdraw from the United Nations. With their recent resolution vote on “settlements” of Judea and Samaria, shows they were never on our side. It is time for Israel to truly be independent. If our friends and ally countries truly mean that they are our allies and friends, they will not abandon us and isolate us for being who we are.

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