Day: January 27, 2017

President Trump Signs Executive Orders for “Extreme Vetting” of Refugees

Following the ceremonial swearing in of Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Friday, President Donald J. Trump signed executive orders for ‘extreme vetting’ of refugees and rebuilding...

Trump Administration Shows Strong Support for March for Life

It’s great news that the White House is showing strong support for March for Life as Vice-President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at the event in Washington DC today. Top Trump adviser...

NFL Star Peyton Manning to Speak at Republican Retreat in Philly

Since Manning isn't playing NFL football anymore, maybe he'll even consider running for public office? We shall see.

Study: Get Ready for a Right-Wing Baby Boom!

Keep having those babies, my fellow Conservatives. It may be your greatest contribution to our society.

Immigration Failures vs. Americans

Michael Cutler, former Senior INS Special Agent, discusses immigration failures vs. Americans, unveiling how law enforcement failures undermine our citizens’ civil rights.