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Day: December 26, 2016

Libyan Passenger Plane Hijacked by Two Pro-Gaddafi Supporters

A Libyan passenger plane has been hijacked by two pro-Gaddafi supporters armed with hand grenades. The Libyan Afriqiyah Airways A320 plane is believed to have 118 people on board, with the...

Ted Cruz Vows No Money for UN Until Israel Decision Reversed

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) vowed Saturday to not allow the U.S. to give money to the United Nations until it reversed its Friday decision forcing an end to Israeli settlements. Cruz tweeted:...

U.S. Border Patrol Seizes $3 Million from Two Cars Heading to Mexico

The U.S. Border Patrol says over $3 million has been seized after it was found on Tuesday inside two cars in Escondido, California.

Christmas Morning in a Jewish Home

After the disgusting way our current president turned his back on Israel last week, Monty Morton wonders if his fellow Jews regret voting for Obama.