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Day: December 16, 2016

Putin Shaking in His Boots as Obama Threatens to Retaliate for Election Hacking

Oh man. Putin is shaking in his boots. Okay, probably not. However, in an interview with NPR on Thursday, President Obama said: “We need to take action and we will, at the time and place of...

Electoral College Doomsday: Liberals Go Full Frontal CRAZY to Stop Trump

Electors are being harassed, intimidated, and in some instances threatened with death, to coerce them to change their votes.

Why Is Maoist Van Jones a “Star” on CNN?

Jamie Glazov discusses why Van Jones, a communist who heroizes a mass murderer, gets to be a star on a major cable news network.

Twelfth PolitiChicks Stocking Stuffers Giveaway TODAY!

On the twelfth day of Stocking Stuffers the PolitiChicks gave to me...

Research Group Reports ISIS Manufacturing Arms on Industrial Scale

A report published by an arms research group reveals that ISIS was manufacturing weapons in Mosul on an industrial scale.

New York City Mayor Creating “Safe Space” to Help People Deal with Trump Victory

New Yorkers can all rest easy now, with therapy sessions to help cope with their delicate little feelings...