What Would an Indictment of Hillary Clinton Mean to America?

It is only days until the Presidential Election, and while Hillary Clinton still maintains an Electoral College advantage, Trump has narrowed the gap. We are witnessing an election first; one candidate with outstanding civil suits relating to Trump University, and an ongoing criminal investigation by the FPolitiChicks.comBI into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and possibly the Clinton Foundation. Who would have thought?

We are also witness to a rupture between the Department of Justice and the spotless reputation of the FBI. It is very difficult, and even stretches the bounds of credulity to think that the DOJ was not in the tank for Hillary. Given that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s surreptitious tarmac meeting was not so secretive; again, the limits of believability are stretched to think they only discussed Grandchildren. Then, back in July, we all got a surprise when James Comey, the FBI Director, did not recommend any indictment, although his testimony before Congress proved Hillary Clinton to be a liar, that she sent and received classified information, did not turn over all work related correspondence, and in the end stated: “they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information.”

So, where are we? According to Bret Bair of Fox News, a very credible journalist, he reported that sources in the FBI close to him have stated, “the Clinton investigation is far more expansive.” That statement covers a lot of real estate, so let’s examine.

There are only two issues that a reasonable person can conclude are in play; the continuing saga of the emails and pay-for-play in the Clinton Foundation. From that starting point, the tentacles of the investigatory process reach many people. One, for example would be Huma Abedin. When she left her post with the DOJ, she signed a Separation Agreement stating that she has turned over all work related materials. Yet, if the FBI now finds work related materials on Anthony Weiner’s computer, Abedin is in serious legal jeopardy. She actually could face charges under the Espionage Act.

And while Obama has publically stated that he first learned of Hillary’s emails when the New York Times reported it, we now know that too was a lie. Obama had used various aliases to communicate with Hillary via email, proving that the White House knew of the Clinton private server.

The avalanche of evidence is mounting, and there is little doubt that the FBI is aggressively pursuing it, which puts Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and yes, even James Comey between the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place.’ It has been reported that many senior FBI agents were so upset that there was no indictment recommendation back in July that many have tendered their resignation. Comey has decided not to sign those letters, and is currently ‘sitting on them.’ Should Hillary win, Comey serves ‘at the pleasure of the President.’ This leads to the next question, “Will President Hillary Clinton fire James Comey?” She dare not! As to Loretta Lynch, there has to be a lot of anxiety, and frankly fear surrounding her position as Attorney General. Again, where does this lead us?

Assuming Hillary Clinton prevails and gains the Presidency, how will she be unable to govern? The FBI’s investigation will continue, and perhaps this go-around will produce a Grand Jury, subpoenas, further search warrants, and absent any obstruction of justice, there will be a resulting recommendation for indictment. Yet, the story does not end there as there will be a clamor for impeachment. Constitutionally, all impeachment proceedings commence in the House of Representatives, and it’s a reasonable bet that the Republicans will maintain the House. Whether or not any Articles of Impeachment would be sustained in the Senate by a two-thirds majority is an entirely different issue.

I can hear it now from the left-wing, “this is nothing more than a right wing attack.” To which I would reply, “This has been brought up by the corruption of Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and the duplicity of the Democratic Party.” A Hillary indictment could very well happen.

Monty Morton

Monty Morton, upon receiving his degree from UCLA, began a 45 year career in the Financial Services Industry. In 1989, he Co-Founded a full service Pension Consulting Firm. As President of the company, Monty worked with other professionals, helping businesses establish their Qualified Retirement Plans. During his career, he has been a keynote speaker at industry events, lectured, and taught Personal Finance at a local college. Ever the entrepreneur, and with a keen interest in Real Estate, Monty has co-developed, managed, and owned residential, industrial, commercial, and retail properties. Monty, is now retired, lives with his wife of over 50 years in Agoura Hills, California, and has twelve grandchildren.

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