Hillary’s Legacy: Her Negligence of Benghazi

PolitiChicks.comFor years, Hillary Clinton has dodged one giant bullet: her responsibility behind the ambush in Benghazi, where four Americans and seven Libyans lost their lives.

She deliberately covered up the Benghazi attack, saying the attack was sparked by the anti-Muslim video Innocence of Muslims. The reality? These attacks were premeditated and had absolutely nothing to do with this video.

But if you ask Secretary Clinton and her staff, they were just “four guys.”

Those “four guys” had families who wanted them to return home safely.

Those “four guys” were ambushed and no American forces came to their aid, despite their desperate pleas for help.

Those “four guys” represented the best of America. They attempted to fight off suspected members of Al-Qaeda, without any reinforcement.

Those “four guys” had names: United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens, United States Foreign Service officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

And they would still be here with us today if the State Department responded to their desperate pleas for help while they were under attack.

Just look at her team’s attempt to spin what happened in Benghazi, as evidenced by the latest WikiLeaks. They were more focused on making sure Clinton walked away without any political or legal ramifications than they were about getting to the bottom of what really happened on September 11, 2012.

Being in a leadership position means being responsible for your actions, especially when your actions – or lack there of – lead to the death of four innocent Americans. Clinton was more focused on making sure she had a viable bid for the White House than she was at doing her job as Secretary of State. If she weren’t so worried about her image, why would she have almost a dozen political operatives working to craft her messaging for her Congressional testimony?

She had to have this team of people to make sure her story was consistent across the board. Clinton’s testimony had to match what she wrote in her book, “Hard Choices,” otherwise it would be obvious to Congress – and the American people – that she was lying to cover her butt.

If Hillary did nothing wrong, like she claims, why would she need this team of spin-doctors? If she were telling the truth, her story would be consistent across the board. Her message would be uniform, without the help of publicists and campaign surrogates.

Secretary Clinton has proven that she chokes under pressure. She can’t handle simple requests, like the request for American troops in Benghazi. If she can’t handle an isolated innocent like Benghazi, how can we trust her to protect us, to lead our foreign policy efforts across the world?

Someone who is willing to put their political career ahead of innocent lives doesn’t deserve to make 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their home. That’s why I’m asking my fellow Americans to keep Hillary out of office this November.

Ted Harvey

Ted Harvey is the chairman of the Stop Hillary PAC. He is a former Colorado state senator and representative.

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