Hillary Could Never Pass a Real Background Check

PolitiChicks.comIn my lifetime, I have been interviewed twice by the FBI. The first time was prior to my first husband’s assignment of Marine One, a prestigious job piloting the president. And then later when he, who was at that time my X-husband, was seeking a contract overseas to fly a Middle East dignitary. Each time the FBI agents asked extensive and deeply personal questions about our loyalty to our nation and the people of the United States. Both of us, whether we remained married or not, were under severe scrutiny because of the manner of his important work, the proximity that he and I would and did have, and the gravity of it all.

During their research, they also interviewed our family members, neighbors, relatives and co-workers to conclude an extensive overview of exactly “who” we were; our belief structure, and our loyalty to our nation. They intended to find out, were we infiltrators interested in overthrowing the US Government?

We apparently passed with flying colors as each time my husband was granted the sought-after assignment.

Now, years later, we have at the very highest levels of governance, as well as seeking the presidency, people who are clearly intent on overthrowing the United States government. It boggles the mind.

Given that we now know of Congressional members belonging to entities that are known aggressors against our constitution and American ideals, it certainly makes one wonder about the scrutiny of the FBI. I had to endure series of intense interviews, why don’t they? And if they do, how on earth do they pass it?

At this point in time, Hillary has proven through the barrage of WikiLeaks emails as well as the other incredible intel still forthcoming, that she is not only an unreliable leader, but an obvious enemy to our nation, a traitor even.

Will you help us stop her?

Brooke McGowan

Longtime conservative activist Brooke McGowan joins PolitiChicks as guest contributor. Brooke hails from Oklahoma, the reddest state in the union. Having returned home recently to get back to her roots, she and husband Sean are new empty-nesters, and they both work diligently to keep constitutional and conservative Christian values the focus for those who endeavor to save the republic.

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