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Day: November 28, 2016

Mainstream Media Hails Brutal Tyrant Castro as “George Washington” and “Folk Hero”

Sadly, American schools and mainstream media no longer teach the facts about brutal dictator Fidel Castro.

Gallup: Record-High 77% of Americans Perceive Nation as Divided

Seventy-seven percent of Americans, a new high, believe the nation is divided on the most important values.

Israel (Literally) Under Fire

This past week Israel has been engulfed by flames all over the country. From cities in the north of Israel, and in cities like Haifa, Modin, even reaching the Jerusalem hills.

Fourth PolitiChicks Stocking Stuffers Giveaway TODAY: Popcorn and Less Government!

On the fourth day of Stocking Stuffers Giveaway the PolitiChicks gave to me...

Nonie Darwish: Trump and America’s Real “Arab Spring”

Nonie Darwis discusses Donald Trump and America’s Real “Arab Spring”, unveiling why Trump’s victory is what democracy really looks like.