Day: November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protest Turns Violent in Portland on Thursday Night

Violence broke out an anti-Trump protest in Portland on Thursday night, when dozens of demonstrators smashed windows in the Pearl district of the city. The largely peaceful protest was organized...

Thoughts On a Historic Election (the Good and the Bad)

Neither of the two people who vied for president will save us. Only One Being can save us. Keep your eyes on Him and pray.

Daniel Greenfield: The Obama Era is Over

Obama didn't make history after all. He wasn't a teleprompter demi-god standing athwart of history. He was Carter and Ford.

The Shady Pieces of the Islamization Puzzle

Anni Cyrus focuses on The Shady Pieces of the Islamization Puzzle, unveiling Jihad’s calculated — and deadly — weapon of Arabic.