Day: November 7, 2016

WikiLeaks: CNN Inquired with DNC about Questions to Ask During Interviews with Cruz and Trump

A new batch of 8,000 WikiLeaks emails was released late Sunday night. One email discusses how CNN inquired with the DNC about questions to ask during interviews with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for...

Top 10 Reasons Huma Abedin Should Terrify You

Anni Cyrus unveils the Top 10 Reasons Huma Abedin Should Terrify You, revealing what happens when the Muslim Brotherhood becomes Chief of Staff.

Tuesday’s Election Is About the Future of America

Donald Trump promises to restore the rule of law to America and to consider We the People first when making decisions that affect our jobs and our lives.

Republicans: Is The Party Over?

The shaking up of the Republican Party and even conservatism in general will not end on Nov 9, quite the opposite, the real upheaval begins on that day.

Daniel Greenfield: The Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama Boil

There’s only one place on earth that makes Obama’s blood boil. It isn’t Iran or North Korea. It’s Israel.

Obama Admin Insults Minority Law Enforcement: “Overlook Drug Use, Criminal Records, Lower Standards”

In another insulting push backwards, the Obama admin insinuates the best way to hire minority law enforcement is to overlook drug use, criminal records and lower standards on written and physical...

Hillary’s Maoist Humiliation Session

Jamie Glazov discusses why Hillary’s Red Guards had to attack, taunt and punish a homeless black woman on Hollywood Boulevard.

Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood

Trevor Loudon discusses Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood, unveiling the frightening ties that bind.

California it’s not About the War on Drugs- It’s About Protecting our Children’s Minds

Looking around, it sure seems like everything is changing nowadays. One of the easiest places to see this is in food – specifically, our dietary habits. I remember when I was growing up, and a...