Day: November 5, 2016

VIDEO BREAKING: Secret Service Rush Donald Trump Off Stage at Reno Rally

Security rush GOP nominee Donald Trump off the stage in the middle of his campaign rally in Reno, Nevada.  Video provided via shows security taking a man in the crowd down. Trump is rushed off...

Obama Granting Clemency to Hundreds of Prisoners on His Way out the Door

Count on Obama to give America a few swift kicks along his way out the door of the White House...

Hillary and Her History With Catholics

As usual, only Trump was bashed for his Al Smith Dinner comments and not the actual criminal in the room, Hillary Clinton.

Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Email Inquiry

Did FBI agents cause Hillary Clinton's case to be reopened?

ISIS Reportedly Kills 250 Children in Industrial Dough Kneader, Burns Others Alive in Oven

ISIS terrorists put 250 children through a dough kneader and killed six men by burning them alive in an oven, according to a shocking new report.

2016 Election From A Child’s Perspective

Five year old Clive Earle has seen, heard, and gone where many never will: photographing candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Trevor Loudon Discusses “The Enemies Within”

Trevor Loudon and Jamie Glazov discuss Trevor's new film, issuing a dire warning to America.

Evangelical Leader Flip Benham Talks About His Experience with Donald J. Trump

Join us as a Watchman of the Night on our national prayer call with Rev. Benham and Senator Rick Santorum on Monday, November 7 at 10pm EST.

Will (or Won’t) Obama Pardon Hillary Before Election?

Susan Swift offers her reasons why Obama will not pardon Hillary Clinton.