Day: November 3, 2016

Andrew C. McCarthy: “Is the Abedin/Weiner Laptop the Last of It?”

Andrew C. McCarthy asks a very important question in his latest article at National Review: are there more email devices the FBI still hasn't secured regarding Hillary Clinton's classified emails?

Why Those Emails Are Critical to the Clinton Foundation Investigation

For over a year, the FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for potential financial crimes and influence peddling.

Ted Cruz Hits Campaign Trail for Trump

Ted Cruz will appear with Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence at two events Thursday, his first appearance on the campaign trail for Donald Trump. The Hill reports:...

CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! In 10th Inning Thriller

Cubs WIN and the Curse of the Billy Goat is over; that is, if you’re superstitious.

FBI Sources: 99% Sure HRC Server Was Hacked; Indictment Likely

UPDATE:  On Friday FOX News retracted reports about an indictment.   The FBI’s probe into The Clinton Foundation pay-for-play activity is expanding.  There are multiple ongoing FBI...

Ex-Muslim Takes Stand on Trump and Hillary

Ex-Muslim Sarah Torrent discusses her thoughts on Trump and Hillary with Jamie Glazov, her suffering under and journey out of Islam, the importance of America’s closed borders, her goals in her...

Poll: Millennials Share Widespread Ignorance of Communism’s Dark History

Millennials like their liberty and want their 'free' stuff too, apparently. But that's essentially because they have never learned the true horrors of communism.

Supreme Court Agrees to Take Transgender School Bathroom Case (to Appease One 17-Year Old)

One student is turning an entire Virginia high school upside down, and now the SCOTUS is involved.

Obamacare Price Hike of 22% in 2017

Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan in 2017.